Google Home – Best prices and where to buy Google devices for October 2019

If you’d like to introduce Google to your home, there are plenty of options. Some, like the Google Home Mini, are nice and compact, while others offer more visual assistance, such as the Nest Hub.

All of them feature Google Assistant, which offers translation, calculations, weather information and so much more whenever you say “OK Google”. Linking multiple devices together means you can control everything from your smart home (thermostat and lighting just to name a couple) to your television.

In fact, Currys PC World is offering a great “starter kit” of sorts, with a Google Home Mini and Chromecast available for just £79 – allowing you to tell Google to put your favourite Netflix show on.

The devices compete with Amazon’s Echo range of smart-tech, so if you’re already entrenched in that ecosystem (or should that be “echo system”) then we’ve put together a handy guide for those devices, too.

We’ve got a quick rundown here, as well as the best prices for each device. We’ll be updating this page often, so be sure to check back for great deals!

Google Home Mini

This titchy smart speaker may not look like much, but it’s very useful. You can speak to Google Assistant through it, and it offers impressively loud playback, too. Simply say “OK Google” and you’re off. There’s even games you can play with the kids, making this an ideal option for families.

NOTE: The Google Home has now been superseded by the Nest Mini which has improved volume and better smart features – it goes on sale from October 22.

Google Home

The big brother of the Home Mini, the Home offers the same functionality but with much higher audio quality thanks to an extra speaker. There’s also customisable casings, so you can tweak your Google Home to match your home.

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Google Chromecast

Looking to let Google Assistant control your TV? This is the way to do it. The Chromecast allows you to stream content like YouTube or Netflix to your TV, and connects via HDMI. It opens up a whole new world of content if you’re yet to jump into the world of streaming, and all can be controlled with your own dulcet tones

Google Nest Hub

If you like your virtual assistant to be a little more visual, the Nest Hub (previously known as the Home Hub) offers a 7-inch touchscreen display which makes it ideal for streaming video content like YouTube to your kitchen. It also connects to any existing smart home products you have, too.

Google Nest Hub Max

If you’re looking for something to make video calls on, the Nest Hub Max with 10-inch screen is ideal. It has a Chromecast built-in, too, so you can stream all sorts of content like Netflix, YouTube and more to it – ideal for a cooking tutorial while your hands are covered in batter, for example.

Google Home Max

The biggest of the Google Home range of speakers, the Home Max offers much louder sound, but with six microphones it can still hear commands over the music. The sound is provided by two 4.5-inch woofers and custom tweeters to give your music the performance it deserves. It still includes Google Assistant, too.


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