Google Maps is the American tech giant’s solution to navigation and is used by over a billion people across the globe.

The software is not only incredibly handy but very accessible too.

That’s because it is available on desktops, smartphones and tablets, meaning it can be used anywhere.

And Google has consistently rolled out updates for Maps that have ranged from drastic changes to more subtle tweaks.

One of the most notable additions recently altered how the map pane looks when people zoom out.

Instead of seeing a flat map image, users are now treated to a globe view of the world.

And now it appears the tech giant could be planning another update for Apple fans.

Images recently emerged on discussion site Reddit of Google Maps in a beta mode that allows for CarPlay support, spotted by 9to5Mac.

As part of the roll out for iOS 12 the dashboard system will support third-party navigation apps, meaning users will have to upgrade to the latest software version if they no longer want to use Apple Maps exclusively.

The user who posted screenshots of Google Maps running on CarPlay insisted such functionality recently arrived in beta testing.

Such a move suggests Google is seeking to learn of any potential bugs in the software before a full release to Apple fans takes place.

Photos of the software show a Google Maps icon sitting on the top left-hand corner of the screen.

This is the area that was previously only occupied by Apple Maps on the dashboard system.

Users have the option to take advantage of the app in default or satellite views.

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And signature Google Maps tools are present, meaning Apple fans can instantly input saved locations such as work and home and receive directions.

Despite the images of the app in use proving to be incredibly tantalising, no official roll out for Google Maps on CarPlay has yet been announced.

However, when it does arrive Apple fans will have to be running a phone with iOS 12 to take advantage.



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