Google Updates Password Manager For Unified Experience – TechDecisions

Google is starting to roll out new updates to Google Password Manager that help users make it easier to remember their passwords, including a new unified management experience that is the same across Chrome and Android.

According to Google, the updates come as a result of feedback from its users about how confusing it can be while managing passwords between Chrome and Android. Now, users with multiple passwords for the same sites or apps will have them automatically grouped, and they can create a shortcut on their on their Android home screen to access their passwords.

Along with the new release is the ability to generate unique, strong passwords for iOS apps when Chrome is set as the autofill provider.

Google says Chrome can automatically check the security of their passwords when they are entered into a site, but users can also add another layer of confidence by checking them in bulk with Password Checkup to warn them of compromised credentials and weak or re-used passwords on Android. In the event of an insecure password warning, users can fix them with an automated password change feature on Android.

Those compromised password warnings are being extended to all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux, according to a Google blog.

While Google prides itself on providing a password manager that stays in the background, the company is adding the ability to add passwords to the app directly to all platforms.

In addition, Google is bringing Tough-to-Login to Chrome on Android to make logging in more efficient by allowing users to securely log in to sites directly from the overlay at the bottom of the screen.

“Of course, our efforts to create a safer web are a truly global effort – from our early work on 2-step verification, to our future investments in technologies like passkeys – and these updates that we are rolling out over the next months are an important part of that work,” the company said in the blog.


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