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Google has brought forth an exciting update to their voice assistant which is now able to play the news from a variety of news publishers across the US. This new feature is called “Your News Update” and it servers to keep listeners up to date on the most recent events across the globe.

If your morning routine involves listening to a radio station or a news podcast as you’re getting ready for the day, this new feature will help you stay informed and use your time more efficiently.

How It Works

Your News Update brings together a variety of interesting news clips into one spot, thus allowing you to listen to all the relevant headlines without having to jump from one source to the other.

Even though the voice assistant draws the top stories from a wide variety of publishers, Google is still focusing on personalizing the experience by focusing on stories relevant to your interests and location.

“If you want to skip a story … the more you listen, the better sense we get of your tastes and interests. You can imagine in the future, you tune in and we know you’re in your car on Tuesday morning at 7:36, and we can predict based on other listening that you’ve got about a 28-minute commute,” said John Ciancutti, Google’s director of engineering for search.

The way Your News Update works is quite simple. All you have to do is say “Google, play me the news” and the voice assistant will start playing the latest collection of top stories and headlines from sources such as Bloomberg, BBC News, and others.

The update will start with short and generalized news clips related to the major headlines of the day. It will then move to longer (one to three minutes long) audio clips related to more personalized topics and entertainment.

Even though the emphasis will be placed on local news, the update will also include news from locations relevant to your interest. The more Google knows about your interests, the more personalized the updates are going to be.

The Future of “Your News Update”

Much like any search engine algorithm, the news recommendations should be getting smarter over time as Google learns more and more about your personal interests. The news clips could also differ depending on your location and the activity you’re doing (driving, cooking, etc).

The Audio News Product Manager Liz Gannes describes Your News Update as a “tremendously evocative medium that conveys an immense amount of information.” It is a convenient feature that will help listeners use their time efficiently while consuming more information.

Your News Update is currently available only in English language in the Unite States. However, Google is planning to expand the feature on a global scale next year, along with other updates aimed at improving user experience.


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