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GTA fans continue to discover hidden details in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, including one store that features Michael’s jacket from GTA 5.


Rockstar Games recently released the remastered Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as part of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, and fans continue to discover Easter eggs in the classic titles. One player recently noticed the inclusion of Michael’s prologue jacket from the much more recent GTA 5.

Michael wears an assortment of clothes in Grand Theft Auto 5, ranging from shirts and pants equipped by players to preset clothes intended for him to wear from Rockstar Games themselves. Michael’s preset clothes during the prologue of the latest numbered entry in the Grand Theft Auto series show the protagonist clad in dark-blue jeans, black and beige sneakers, and a red plaid winter coat. This thick jacket has been discovered by an eagle-eyed GTA fan in a Vice City clothing shop during a playthrough of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition.


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Reddit user Kane-Trevorrow recently posted a screenshot of a GTA: Vice City clothing shop showing protagonist Tommy Vercetti standing in front of a wall with two racks of a familiar red plaid jacket. These jackets can be found in Vice City clothing shops alongside clothing similar to what Franklin wore in Grand Theft Auto 5 cinematics. With both GTA 5 protagonists being represented in these clothing shops, the lack of Trevor’s thick green prologue coat and winter boots is noticeable.

GTA 5 begins with a prologue that introduces two of the main characters of the game and one of the main aspects of the newest mainline GTA title: heists. Although Michael is typically wearing expensive suits and watches in Grand Theft Auto 5, the prologue shows him in a significantly different light. The prologue takes place in a frigid landscape covered in snow known as Ludendorff which was a fitting setting for Michael to wear a thick coat, though in comparison Grand Theft Auto: Vice City‘s version of Miami is a stranger place to wear thick winter clothing.

There are many new GTA fans who joined the franchise with Grand Theft Auto 5 and they may be more likely to discover GTA 5 Easter eggs such as this Vice City one. Some of the other Rockstar Games Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition include both the Red Dead Redemption titles and other GTA titles. With over 20 million copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 sold, more of these GTA 5 Easter eggs may be discovered as more players explore Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City.

While players can discover Michael’s GTA 5 prologue jacket in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it appears that players can’t purchase and wear the winter garb. Although some GTA fans use this coat as an example of Rockstar Games reusing assets, the jacket doesn’t appear exactly as it did in Grand Theft Auto 5‘s prologue. It’s likely that a lot of assets in the original Grand Theft Auto Trilogy inspired clothing in GTA 5, while Grand Theft Auto 5 may have inspired some of the art direction of the recent remasters.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition is available right now for mobile, Nintendo Switch PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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