Greenpro Shares Skyrocket as Incubated Company Gets Nod to Launch Space Satellite

When Greenpro Capital announced the incubation of Malaysian startup Angkasa-X in April 2021, it was greeted with little fanfare. However, this move is fast proving to be yet another masterstroke by the Asian Investment and Advisory giant.

In September Angkasa-X first signaled its readiness to join the hotly contested space race by becoming the very first Penang-based Malaysian company to be admitted as an ITU-R member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the specialized agency of the United Nations that manages space telecommunications.

Greenpro’s Nasdaq listed share price ($GRNQ) spiked 80% on Monday 25th of October, following the announcement that Angkasa-X would be filing for an application to launch low-earth-orbit satellites.

The move will see Angkasa-X rival the likes of Elon Musk-led SpaceX to provide scalable and  affordable internet services across the world. This will effectively narrow the age-long digital divide that has impeded the growth of many developing countries in Asia and beyond.

Will GRNQ Price Go Up?

Greenpro Shares Skyrocket as Incubated Company Gets Nod to Launch Space Satellite

Following the 90% rise over the last couple of weeks, Market analysts expect the GRNQ price to go up further and remain bullish throughout the year as several other subsidiaries of Greenpro like Cryptosx, Billion Sino Holdings Ltd, and SEATech Ventures Corp and Agape ATP Corporation are expected to post positive returns ahead of Q4 2021.

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