Guru Nanak advocated an integrated between human life and Nature

Guru Nanak advocated an integrated approach between human life and nature. He envisioned nature or environment as much a part of God’s creation as a human being. The other shape of God that is Sargun, manifest, is not in humanity alone, it is in entire nature and the universe. It is revealed in various hues and colours, the environment, in the singing birds and the blooming flowers. He said to love God means to love His entire creation, including, nature, a broad term for the environment….

Guru Nanak proclaimed that the universe was created by a Divine order and with a divine purpose. It is, therefore, the duty of man not to disturb that Divine order….

Guru Nanak takes a more purposive view of man. If man is the acme of His creation, he is the medium of his message, which is, consciousness or knowledge of his relationship with nature and, therefore, he cannot be at cross-purpose with it…. He said, air is the vital force; water is progenitor; the vast earth the mother of all; day and night are nurses, fondling all creation in their lap.

In other words, the air is our guru, because it is the medium through which Guru’s words are brought to us, water is our father because it is through water that we are conceived, and earth is our mother because it has procreative power that nurtures all life. If we realise this, we cannot harm our environment because we are a part of it.

November 19 is Guru Nanak Jayanti.


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