Hackers are Targeting Gamers to Become Crypto Rich

Hackers are Targeting Gamers to Become Crypto Rich

Gamers are often unaware of their danger when playing games downloaded off the internet or in various forums. Once downloaded games are packed with hidden spyware, hackers can rob gamers of their cryptocurrency.

What is Crackonosh?

Infected games are distributed freely in forums, free versions of Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K19, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

Crackonosh, a crypto-mining malware, is buried within the code of these games. Cybercriminals frequently transmit malware by disguising it inside cracked software. Gamers can spot the malware alongside cracked versions of major games and other software. Crackonosh’s primary goal is to instal the XMRIG miner, and mine cryptocurrency on behalf of the attackers.

How Does Crackonosh Work?

Crackonosh modifies the Windows Registry to enable it to run in Safe Mode – allowing it to disable or uninstall antivirus software and other Windows features.

Crackonosh uses the XMRig software meant to mine Monero cryptocurrency at the end of the infection chain. Embedding malware is a cybercrime that targets individuals who download and install cracked games (possibly other cracked software). Zenar Miner, Epsilon Miner, and Cliptomaner Miner are examples of cryptocurrency miners.

 The Impact of Crackonosh

According to analysts, the fraud has netted criminals more than £1.4 million.

Crackonosh is spreading quickly, according to Avast experts (Avast is one of the world’s largest security organisations, employing cutting-edge technology to combat cyber-attacks in real-time). The cyber-security software company is currently finding approximately 800 incidents on computers every day.

Because Avast only identifies malicious software on computers with antivirus software installed, Crackonosh’s true impact is likely to be much more significant.

The Process of Mining Cryptocurrencies

When Crackonosh is installed it defends itself by removing all security software and by stopping Windows Updates – all without the owner’s knowledge.

The bitcoin mining program that runs in the background can slow down their computer, and overuse can wear down components, which increases the victim’s electricity bill.

Crackonosh demonstrates how attempting to obtain games for free might result in you receiving something you didn’t expect: infection.

However, the malware writers profit handsomely from this.

Latest Reports of Crackonosh 

According to the hackers’ digital wallets, the heist netted nearly $2 million in the cryptocurrency, Monero.

Many assume the malware’s developer is from Czech, hence Crackonosh, which in Czech tradition means “mountain spirit.”

Cisco-Talos researchers discovered malware inside cheat tools for numerous games in March.

A team from G Data Software detected yet another nascent hacking campaign aimed at gamers utilising the Steam platform earlier this month.

According to Akamai’s latest cyber-threat assessment, since 2019, there has been a 340 percent increase in attacks on gaming brands and players alike.

Many of the cyber-attacks involved the theft of gaming accounts to sell high-value in-game stuff on hacking forums.

Hackers are Targeting Gamers to Become Crypto Rich

How to Avoid Malware Installation

Installed apps must be updated or activated using tools or features provided by their developers. Third-party update programs and ‘cracking’ tools are never safe (or legal) to use, because they are frequently packed with malware or used to disseminate harmful software.

You should always examine emails thoroughly before opening any files from unknown or suspicious senders. Cybercriminals frequently disguise their emails as official, essential letters from respectable firms and valuable website links and attachments to spread malware.

Gamers should use reputable websites to download programs and files. Never download files or applications from unofficial pages, peer-to-peer networks (e.g., eMule, torrent clients), third-party downloaders, or other similar sources.

Anyone downloading anything should examine viruses and other dangers on computers regularly. Use trustworthy antivirus or anti-spyware programs to analyse your computer’s files. If you suspect that your laptop or computer is infected, we recommend conducting a scan using Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows to detect and remove malware.

How to Manually Remove Malware

Manual malware eradication is a complex operation; it’s usually best to let antivirus or anti-malware solutions handle it for you. Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows is great for removing this infection.

If you want to remove malware manually, the first step is to figure out what kind of malware you have.

If you reviewed the list of programs operating on your computer using task manager and found suspicious software, you should follow these steps:

  1. Autoruns is an application that you can download. This program displays auto-start applications, registry entries, and file information.
  2. Safe mode should be selected when you restart your computer.
  3. Run the Autoruns.exe file after extracting the archive.
  4. Uncheck the ‘Hide Empty Locations’ and ‘Hide Windows Entries’ settings in the Autoruns application by clicking ‘Options’ at the top. Click the ‘Refresh’ icon when you’ve completed this step.
  5. Locate the malware file you want to remove from the list offered by the Autoruns application.
  6. On your computer, look for the malware’s name. Before continuing, make sure that hidden files and folders are enabled.
  7. Restart your computer in regular mode.

Criminals are increasingly focusing their efforts on gamers. Gamers are a demographic recognised for spending money on their activity and being highly engaged, making them a reliable source of revenue for the illicit economy.

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