The security of connected vehicles, smart home systems and public organizations have created new issues for the cybersecurity industry, China’s top security firm 360 said on Thursday.

Connected cars represent a trend with smart driving and mobile communications development and the popularity of technologies such as 5G and AI. Connected car systems have become new targets for hackers. 

With 360’s system now in over 300,000 cars, it has detected over 500 security loopholes, covering private information leaks, car connection and even social security. The company has joined with Mercedes-Benz to talk about the issue during RSA 2020, a top level security event held in the United States. 

The demand for smart home security is surging with many new electronics lockers, monitoring cameras and connected home appliances. 

Meanwhile, APT or Advanced Persistent Threat attacks are a global threat, often affecting important and high value targets such as government bureaus and public organizations.

For example, 360 has detected over 40 APT attacks toward organizations in China, covering the energy, telecommunications and finance sectors, the company said.

Chip giant Intel has announced plans for a reliable supply chain, with partners such as Hyve solutions, Lenovo and Langchao, Intel said during the event, which will close on Friday.


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