Hacks to Buy the Right Trekking Poles

Hacks to Buy the Right Trekking Poles

Do you remember the last time you went for a trek? Isn’t extended time? But if someone asks you what is the essential thing that you carry while on the trek, what would you say? Apart from sleeping bags, the second most crucial thing while trekking is trekking poles. But when you want to buy the best trekking poles that are not easy, instead, it’s a bit tricky. So here you will find some simple techniques that you can follow. At the same time, you go out to buy trekking poles & do not forget to use Cotswold Outdoor Promo code to avail exciting offers.


The first & foremost thing to bear in mind while you are out there to buy trekking poles is the adjustment requirements. There are two kinds of adjustable poles available – single & double! Single adjustment poles can be used if you are planning to go for a one-day hiking or short skiing trip around the corner. In contrast, double adjustment trekking poles can be useful if you are planning on going for a long trek, or skiing on a high terrain! So choose your poles correctly.

Length of the Pole

It is also to keep in mind the length of the trekking poles you are buying for yourself. Don’t end up buying poles that are so long that you end up falling. If your height is around 6 feet, then you must surely go for a 53 inches long pole, but if your height is less than 6 feet, i.e., about 5 feet then you should choose the 30 inches long trekking pole.

Style of Grip

It is essential to choose the right grip for your trekking pole is very crucial. The best grip style is the cork; it is the safest & the most comfortable grip style one can choose from! Whereas rubber & foam grip styles though available in the market are not as good as the cork grip style. So if you are going to buy the trekking pole, try to buy the cork grip style.


It is also essential to check the article by which your trekking pole is built. The best is carbon, though it costs a bit of fortune, it gives the best performance. The next best is aluminum, which can be used for an extended period & provides the best performance. You can use Napapijri Discount Code to get offers on your next deal!

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