Hail damages home, cars near Hartville; shoppers take cover in Houston, Mo. Walmart – KY3

WRIGHT COUNTY, Mo. — Many homes and cars were damaged as hail pounded parts of the Ozarks Friday night.

“She said one of the hail balls, about the size of a baseball, came rolling down towards her in the hallway,” Mike Pratt said about his wife who was home Friday night when the hail storm began.

Friday afternoon baseball sized hail peppered Mike Pratt’s house.

His wife had to take shelter in a closet.

The hail punctured his siding, busted out his windows, ruined his gutters, damaged the roof and two cars.

“Along the top of my roof, right at the eve, it’s got holes in it about like that. We’re just sticking two or three fingers in each hole and there’s like 10 of 15 holes up there,” Pratt explained.

As that line of storms moved north and east from Hartville to Houston, shoppers inside Walmart had to take cover from the falling hail.

Brian and Cindy Sillyman were shopping for groceries when the hail storm hit.

“The pounding sound was so loud, we couldn’t hear each other, Cindy exclaimed. It was like gunshots hitting things and them shattering. The Plexiglas was flying everywhere.”

Hail was breaking though skylights, causing ice and Plexiglas to shower down on shoppers.

Brian was hit by a hail stone.

“Well, it was kind of a glancing blow so it wasn’t really that hard of a hit,” he added.

The couple and others had to run down aisles to take cover in the vision center as hail was knocking items off the shelves.

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“As we saw people dodging, we were yelling for them to come in there,” Cindy said.

The Sillyman’s say they are thankful the store wasn’t as busy as it could’ve been.

“I’m thankful there were no massive injuries or anything to speak of when you got hail the size of your hand,” Cindy told KY3.


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