Hair loss: Expert offers top tips for boosting hair growth and dispels hair myths

Dispelling the myths

Dr Moe said: “It’s a common misconception that washing your hair causes hair loss, with many refraining from washing ‘too often’ just in case this is true.

“If you are noticing hair falling out from washing, you are likely just dislodging hairs that are ready to fall out due to male pattern hair loss, with combing and running your hands through your hair also having the same effect.

“It can be useful to try shampoos that improve the quality, those containing essential oils and nutrients including – Argan oil, iron, Vitamin B3/Niacin, Amla Oil, Sage Oil, Rosemary and Saw Palmetto, which is a natural plant-based ingredient with a host of other health benefits.

“Research has shown that saw palmetto can help to protect the tissues in the prostate from the attack of damaging illnesses such as cancer, reduce inflammation and can even boost testosterone and subsequently, sex drive.”


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