Hancock warns no deal Brexit could hold up trade through Dover for up to six months – Politics live

Denying suggestions she had been “emotional” during the tense exchanges at last month’s five-hour Cabinet showdown, which resulted in her resigning along with Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, the Liverpudlian MP told the Telegraph: “No one in Cabinet supported me. I was astounded. What I was asking for was a vote on the most important issue in a generation.”

Calling on Cabinet colleagues to “reflect upon” why they refused to be “accountable”, the former TV presenter turned politician described the deal as “terrible” and said she had told the Prime Minister it was “the worst of both worlds” and a “deal for nobody”.

“I thought we needed to focus our minds because this was a huge change for the country. But when the moment came, my Cabinet colleagues chose not to say anything. People talk about accountability, people talk about transparency, people talk about politicians with integrity but when it came to the crunch the other people around the room crumbled. I said: I hope they weren’t like that in their EU negotiations.”

Confirming she had been “shouted down” by Sedwill and chief whip Julian Smith, McVey said: “I was accused of having a meltdown but actually it was the opposite way round because people were so adamant not to have a vote that various people, the chief whip, Sedwill, yes they did all (shout me down).”


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