Happy Customers in 2021

Happy Customers in 2021

Now lockdown restrictions have eased across most of Great Britain, businesses can begin to get back to normal, but normal has now changed and consumer behaviour has altered in the post-pandemic world!

According to research by CallCare, consumers are still expected to shop online more than by physical store throughout 2021, meaning that whilst stores begin to open, investment from business should remain on digital.

As well as shopping habits, consumer expectations surrounding customer service have also changed. With 2020 being the year many companies had to turn to digital platforms to engage with consumers, that ‘always on’ accessibility is now an expectation for many.

Customers expect quick and easy communication with brands using live chat, social media and email. Gone are the days of call backs in 5 working days – this will no longer cut it. With such high demands in place, this post will now look at the simple adjustment’s brands can make to ensure customers are happy.


To maintain good communication with customers a clear digital strategy is required. This includes considering which platform works best for your business.

If you are looking for ways to showcase what your business has to offer, then platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are great for showing existing and potential customers a range of your products. You can use the video function of these platforms to demonstrate how a product or service cam work.

While some people may prefer to speak to a customer service advisor over the phone, others may prefer to speak to someone by chat, whether this is email, live chat box, or even Twitter. It’s important that you think about timing when choosing how you wish to communicate with your customers. For a timelier response, live chat box or social media is the best way to go to respond to any queries or resolve any issues.

Shopping Experience

Although many people will have switched their choice of shopping method to online, a lot of people still enjoy the whole shopping experience. This is why it is important to create an experience that your customers won’t forget.

Customer service in 2021 is as important as ever. Ensure your staff are well informed of all your products and services so they can help customers if they’re undecided on what to opt for. Businesses that go out of the way for consumers are always highly favoured over companies that don’t.

Employees should always be friendly to your customers and help them in any way that they can. This can help you keep a loyal customer base. Other ways you can enhance the shopping experience could include providing customers with a loyalty incentive, offering an after-care service for your products, and creating a welcoming environment in-store.

It’s also important for businesses to keep their employees happy too. Happy employees leads to happy customers, so make your business a place where people enjoy coming to work.

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