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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — As many have suffered financially from COVID-19, consumers looking for new cars may have had to consider the alternative option of buying a used vehicle. This benefits businesses such as used car dealerships.

Keith’s Auto Sales West in Harrisonburg noticed a spike in sales shortly after the pandemic began. He says the stimulus package this spring helped put more money in consumers’ pockets.

While used auto sales did spike, they are slowly returning to typical levels pre-pandemic.

“You know, we’ve had good luck with our sales and I guess you know, Trump gave us a little money there so that might have helped. We actually had the resources to buy when not many dealerships were buying,” said Orbelin Galarza, sales manager at Keith’s Auto Sales West.

“We actually had the resources to buy when not many other dealerships were buying so that helped us keep our inventory up and we had the inventory for the people that were out there looking,” said Galarza

Car manufacturers had to stop building cars at the start of the pandemic which also steered people towards buying a used car.

With people on limited budgets, Galarza said buying a used car is a cheaper option.

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