Has Brexit Affected UK Visas?

Has Brexit Affected UK Visas?

Since Brexit, free movement has come to an end. In the aftermath, the UK has adopted a points-based immigration system.

The points in the system are awarded based on certain things such as what a person’s job is, their language capabilities and their level of education.

Those with the highest points from this combination of criteria are the most likely to be accepted as migrants who are allowed to reside in the UK.

What Does this Mean for People who Have Been Living in the UK?

As the EU settlement scheme has now come to an end, it’s no longer possible for EU nationals to apply for a pre-settled or settled scheme.

Individuals should check whether they will need to apply for a visa in order to come and reside in the UK. If you are still not sure what to do in your own situation, firms such as QC Immigration are more than happy to help you sort things out.

There are many routes for visas in the UK and they can be quite difficult to navigate so it’s usually a good idea to seek the help of professional lawyers – particulary if you have to appeal a refusal.

These policies have been met with a lot of criticism, as it is causing issues for immigrants all around the UK. Even if they have lived in the UK for a significant amount of time, they may have to go through a lot of effort to prove that they still have the right to reside here.

Who is Entitled to a UK Visa?

People moving to the UK now need permission to come here, which comes in the form of a visa. There are a number of different kinds of visas, such as visas for work, studying, or family reasons.

To be accepted for a work visa, an individual would be expected to be earning a minimum of £25,500 per year, however, this is subject to change depending on different situations.

Although, for the most part, migrants are expected to be making a good income to be allowed to have a visa that lets them reside here.

Those who apply for a visa to study abroad have quite a difficult situation to navigate. EU students are now expected to pay the fee for their visa, international tuition fees, and additional charges for healthcare. This makes studying abroad extremely inaccessible to anyone who does not come from a particularly economically well-off background.

To be granted a family visa, in most cases you are expected to be earning a minimum of £18,500 a year. Again, exceptions do apply to this. However, it is now harder to get a family visa than it has ever been before.

Final Thoughts

Brexit has undoubtedly added more stress to the lives of those who have decided to migrate to the UK. Since EU citizens no longer have the right to free movement, getting access to visas is now a very restrictive and somewhat inaccessible process.

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