Hashing24: Absolutely New Digital Reality w/ BTC Cloud Mining

Hashing24: Absolutely New Digital Reality w/ BTC Cloud Mining

Cloud Bitcoin Mining Madness

There is so much talk surrounding mining of virtual cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin mining online. People go crazy about the most popular digital asset, which some compare to digital gold, and too many people are eager to generate passive income with BTC mining. Taking into the account the fact that the global Bitcoin hashrate grows annually, it is getting tantalizingly difficult to mine BTC single handedly (solo BTC mining utilizing the digital currency mining capacities of overly expensive ASIC hardware rigs), people massively decide to switch to cloud crypto mining using the services of a chosen cryptocurrency mining company. In fact, it is a new advanced and innovative way to crypto mining in the cloud based environment, that is for sure.

So, what is cloud mining crypto? Exemplary, cloud mining Bitcoins is an extremely complex and power-hungry process of BTC mining cloud, whereas a cloud BTC miner rents or leases (depending on the chosen model of virtual asset cloud mining service) a certain volume of BTC hashing power from a mining Bitcoin website. The Bitcoins mining website functions as an intermediary between a Bitcoin mining supplier and the end cloud miner. Here, a person rents hashing power produced in large and high-tech hosted data facilities and mines BTC online via the cloud, that is why BTC miners are online. This smart scheme deployed by a mining site provider allows users to skip purchasing, maintaining and upgrading expensive mining hardware, paying frenzy electricity bills or dealing with cooling systems or overheating problems. The BTC cloud mining platform allows smart automatic BTC mining through the cloud with either small or great investments and basic technical knowledge in the field.

Hashing24 as One of the Leaders in the BTC Cloud Mining Industry

When it comes to BTC cloud mining, there are approximately ten most successful and recognizable cloud mining service providers, among which is one of the most secure and reputable BTC cloud mining sites — Hashing24 (H24). The BTC (one of a kind) mining company has been in the virtual currency mining industry since 2012 up till now and is primarily focused on mining the most popular and leading crypto — Bitcoin. H24 offers its users an easy way to buy contracts for cloud based Bitcoin mining in three simple steps: 1) account registration; 2) choosing a preferred contract for mining BTC through the cloud service provisioning; 3) payment. Once it is done, the mining starts automatically at 00:00 UTC timezone and the cloud miner is eligible to receive his or her mining earnings on a daily basis.

H24 has proved to be a trustworthy and reliable reseller of BTC hash rate capacities due to its mega-successful collaboration with private owned Bitcoin mining company Bitfury. The latter is well known as a prominent producer of Bitcoin mining hardware and evolvement of new blockchain based solutions. The collaboration between H24 and Bitfury took place in 2014 and H24 remains the one and only official reseller of BTC hashing capacities originating from Bitfury. Nonetheless, H24 has other multiple streams for BTC hash power and offers great volumes for sale on its site. The key tariff plans for mining BTC have the following contract duration timelines:

  • One year;
  • A year and a half;
  • Two years;
  • Three years (at the date of writing, these contracts are sold out due to their high popularity among institutional investors who are ready to invest lump sums of capital into the streamlined mining initiative).

Speaking about the site’s usability, it has a very minimalistic user interface. One can choose among 9 languages on the platform and it is possible to apply multiple payment methods for contract buying, among which are virtual currencies, credit/debit cards, and region-specific online e-payment systems. The lowest amount for depositing BTC funds to a user’s account is 0.0001 BTC, while the bottom sum a user can withdraw for the balance is set to 0.0007 Bitcoins respectively. Concurrently, the existing H24 customers are able to buy new contracts using their newly mined virtual currencies.

The H24 platform has lots in store to offer to its demanding clients. Considering the fact that cryptocurrencies are volatile by default and investing in crypto and BTC may be a risky endeavor, H24 has multiple tools to check the reasonability of BTC mining services on the cloud. For a starter, one can easily calculate the anticipated cloud earnings using a very easy-to-use tool labelled Calculator. This nifty tool allows one to speedily figure out the potential of cutting-edge virtual currency mining and make a pragmatic decision on the best conditions for a customizable contract for BTC mining. 

Additionally, one may find an amazingly simple way to test cloudy mining of virtual assets in demo mode without risking any capital. This feature is called Demo (shortened from Demonstrative) mining). A person may activate a limitless number of Demo mining contracts and monitor mining via the cloud in real market circumstances.

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