Health and Safety in The Salon: How the Beauty Industry is Keeping Its Patrons Safe

Health and Safety in The Salon: How the Beauty Industry is Keeping Its Patrons Safe

Those in the beauty industry will tell you that they don’t just provide a service. They’re providing an escape from the everyday world. They’re giving busy mums, stressed-out dads, image-conscious guys and pamper loving girls the opportunity to kick back, relax and put themselves first for a change.

But due to COVID-19, the beauty industry has been changed forever. With many services like eyebrow treatments and skin therapies still prohibited by the government due to the associated risk of the virus, for those who have been able to open their doors to cut, colour, prime, perm, shave and shampoo hair, things are certainly not the way they were before. In just a few short months, businesses within the hair and beauty industry have had to adapt quickly to keep their clients safe whilst they work their magic.

Here we’ll explore how the beauty industry is keeping its patrons safe during COVID-19.


PPE is everywhere and you’ll find it in abundance in hair salons and beauty parlours. COVID Protection equipment is essential in all roles, especially those that have employees in close proximity with other people. Face masks and shields, gloves, Perspex shields over counters and reception desks and, of course, plenty of hand sanitiser are just some of the simple yet effective ways that salon industry workers are keeping their patrons safe.

Reducing the Number of Clients

Those days of waiting to be called into the hairdresser’s chair as another happy client catwalks out of the salon with a gorgeous new “do” or set of nails are long gone. These days beauticians and hairdressers are reducing the number of clients in their salons at any time.

Encouraging Clients to Do their Bit

Asking clients to do their bit when they make an appointment is essential. Clients are being asked to arrive at the exact time of their appointment rather than arriving early and waiting around. Clients will be asked to wash their hands or sanitise them throughout their visit, and their temperature may be taken upon arrival.

Most salons will now only provide an “appointment only” service, to remove the possibility of walk-ins and as a way to control the numbers of patrons on the premises. Some salons are also asking their clients to wear masks or face coverings during hair or nail appointments.

Maintaining Social Distancing

If clients do need to wait, they will be instructed to do so outside or to conform to a socially distanced queuing system. There may also be a one-way system around the premises and where possible, more room will be provided between salon chairs and beauty stations.


To reduce the risk of infection and the spread of the virus between staff, some salons are implementing a pairing system where two employees work the same shifts together throughout the working week. That way they’re not mixing with other employees unnecessarily and if there is infection present, those they have been in contact with will be easier to trace.

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