As retailers find they have an ever-expanding arsenal of technology options at their fingertips, it can be hard to envision what the average store might look like even a few years from now, let alone a decade.

A new report from data analytics firm CB Insights visualizes what a store may look like in the year 2030, taking into consideration the evolution of technologies like automation, robotics, and mobile sales. The findings span across retail sectors — including apparel, grocery, and consumer goods — and consider projected advancements from emerging areas like 5G connectivity and urbanization.

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Ultimately the analysts settled on nine main concepts to expect in stores by 2030, including experiential community spaces, drone and camera inventory-tracking capabilities, robotic warehouses, and driverless delivery cars, among others.

“With new tech-enabled features, the store of the future will be able to provide a frictionless, personalized, and proactive customer experience,” analysts said in the report.

Here’s a closer look at the nine technologies you can expect to see in retail stores by 2030:


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