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  • Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to call out Apple for button-less iPhones
  • President Trump has been using government-issued iPhones since 2017

It’s a fact! iPhone 8 and before are better than newer generation iPhones. Or at least that’s what the United States’ President, Donald Trump thinks. 

Taking to Twitter, the influential leader let the world, and a certain CEO of Apple Inc, Tim Cook, know of his disdain for home button-less, gesture totting range of iPhones that Apple introduced in 2017 with the iPhone X series.  At the time, the company switched from a physical home button, and instead pushed people to a new generation of iPhones that allowed users to perform gestures to open home screen and switch between apps. 

While the move was met with some criticism even at that time, it’s strange that Donald Trump took a good two years and a little more to air his feelings about this move. 

While we’re not really sure of the trigger, we do know that President Trump has been using government-issued iPhones since 2017 and as such, it is quite possible that he has been using the new iPhones all this while. 

However, this is not the first time Trump has taken shots at Apple. Earlier, he had taken to Twitter to ask Apple to introduce an iPhone with a larger screen — something along the lines of the Galaxy Note devices. Although this has been achieved with the removal of the home button, Trump, as is mostly the case, is still not impressed. 




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