High blood pressure: Avoid having these foods for breakfast to help lower your reading

High blood pressure can be hard to detect because symptoms aren’t always obvious.

The best way to find out if you have the condition is to recognise the signs and have your blood pressure measured.

If high blood pressure is left untreated, serious complications like heart attacks and strokes can occur.

So when it comes to the first meal of the day, what foods should you avoid to help lower your reading?

One rule to remember when it comes to all meals, not just breakfast, is less salt.

Salt makes the body retain water, according to Blood Pressure UK, so if you eat too much, the extra water stored in your body raises your blood pressure.

It adds: “This can be a particular problem if you have high blood pressure.

“Also, eating too much salt may meant that blood pressure medicines such as diuretics, don’t work as well.”

Bread and breakfast cereals can contain a lot of salt, so you should check the labels when you go food shopping to compare brands.

Smokes an processed eats and fish, for example smoked salmon, bacon and sausages, also contain a lot of salt, so you should limit your intake of these.

So what foods can you eat for breakfast which are food for high blood pressure?

Fruits are low in calories, contain helpful fibre and are packed with vitamins,minerals and antioxidants.

Wholegrain cereals are also a good choice, alongside vegetables, skied and semi-skimmed milk, low-fat yoghurt, and low-fat cheeses such as soft or cottage cheeses.

Eggs can also be a useful source of protein and minerals when eaten in moderation.

If you’re a fan of meat for breakfast, choosing oily fish, like mackerel, is recommended.

Bread is a staple breakfast item for many people, but which ones should you opt for to help lower your reading?

Bread is an important part of our diet because it is high in carbohydrates and fibre, low in fat and a good source of energy.

But unfortunately, most manufactured bread you buy in bakers or supermarkets contains large amounts of salt and act to raise your blood pressure.

So the best choice is to make your own bread without salt.

If you can’t do this, then choose brown or wholemeal breads instead of white, and compare brands to see which have the lowest amount of salt.


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