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High Yield Founder & CEO Adam J Clarke on Productivity

High Yield Founder & CEO Adam J Clarke on Productivity

Ever felt like 24 hours is little time for a day? If yes, the problem is rooted in your management skills and it is not your management of time. A few good habits are all that you need to maximise productivity and increase output. High yield Founder & CEO, Adam J Clarke has a few strategies that aim to increase productivity within your organisation.

1. Keep a Record

It is difficult to know when a goal has been achieved if it was not set as a goal in the first place. Likewise, you can only affirm you have succeeded in maximizing time when you set time-limited goals.

Win your day by applying this principle – if it’s not recorded, it doesn’t count. This way, you can check things off your list, and you can monitor the time spent before the task is completed.

2. Breaks and the Pareto Principle

There is such a thing as good or bad use of your time. The Pareto Principle guides you on what strategic use of your time is. You may be engaged in a high-yield activity and it still won’t be the best use of your time at that moment. This principle teaches you to work less but also smarter.

In acknowledging the need for judicious use of time, you must take breaks in-between work. Rest or sleep has been shown by experts to help. This does not only rejuvenate you but also cast new light on ideas being deliberated on. In other words, it offers clarity. With clarity comes a solid definition of the mission that you can begin to work on for optimal productivity. Also, map out some of your time to be scheduled for unplanned events such as brainstorming, taking advantage of new opportunities, and networking that may be instrumental in growing your business.

3. Declutter

It is important to clear your head now and then. It might help to keep a journal where ideas, thoughts, and concerns can be written. It helps put things in perspective and get them organized. These tabled thoughts and ideas can subsequently be sorted into categories that will aid in improving productivity.

Another area that needs decluttering is the time spent on consuming news and general information that will not be impactful on the business. You must be placed on a media diet that will regulate both your time and creative energy.

4. Peak Hours and Alertness

For everyone, there are peak hours of activity and alertness and times of low alertness in the circadian cycle. To ensure optimal productivity, you must identify your best periods of alertness. It may be in the Morning or Night. Afterwards, channel your energies into completing big tasks during the peak period.

5. Multi-Tasking and Setting Small Goals

Multi-tasking is not the high-yield process many believe it to be. What it does is sap you of your focus as you navigate from one task to the other. What will be helpful is breaking your goals into smaller tasks. That way, they are more feasible and can be completed in a short time. Checking that small goal off the list triggers a domino effect of motivation that will lead you to feel more in control thereby, increasing productivity.

Who is Adam J Clarke?

As the Founder & CEO of Macropay, a successful European FinTech company, Adam knows how to scale businesses from seemingly nothing.

For all those dreaming of creating their own enterprise, he advises that “You should not believe that the entrepreneurs you look up to are different from you. The only difference is the ability to handle failure and rejection at an incredible rate. Standing up again after getting knocked over by failure is the most important part of being an entrepreneur.

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