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Highlights and lowlights of the week’s news – Chico Enterprise-Record

HIT — Downtown Chico businesses and stores have always been particular about appearance, taking special measures to have clean sidewalks and appealing window dressings.

But now, downtown looks like a remote controlled racetrack, with the recent addition of street-side safety barriers.

That actually is a thing of beauty for the businesses so decorated. It means they can go about their business day almost as usual.

Following up on the permitting to allow restaurants to spill outside under watch-list coronavirus rules, the city found auto-proof barriers that could shield customers seated in parking areas and on sidewalks.

Local firm Knife River Construction knew just where to find those barriers, which it uses regularly in its road projects. Also lending water barriers was Slater and Son, another Chico construction company.

Downtown is ready. Restaurants are ready, now with outside permitted dining and still with pick-up orders. Now it’s just up to us to enjoy being in downtown Chico again.

MISS —A look at the standings shows the Miami Marlins have the best won-loss percentage in Major League Baseball.

It also shows they’ve played half as many games as most of the other teams — all because a few players and team personnel decided that those “coronavirus rules” were overrated.

Could there be a better example of the mess MLB has created with this 60-game season?

Sure, it’s great to be able to turn on the TV and see live sports again. But the legitimacy of this entire affair seems about as fraudulent as the cardboard cutouts in the stands.

When some teams (say, the Marlins or St. Louis Cardinals) suddenly have to cancel games because of a COVID outbreak, it makes any semblance of a “balanced schedule” a joke. So, you’ll have some teams playing more games against easier competition than others, and some teams not playing as many games as others, period.

That means the division winners will be decided by the team with the highest winning percentage, period, regardless of how many games they’ve actually played.

Thus, we say cancel the whole season now and name the Marlins champions of MLB for 2020. We can’t think of anything more appropriate for this calendar year, or the owners’ attempt to squeeze in a sham of a season.

HIT — Oroville’s home to the first fully-recycled roadway in California, and hopefully not home to the last one. It’s just a test case, and just 1,000 yards of Highway 162 out toward the Oroville airport, but the concept sounds promising.
Caltrans usually recycles some of the asphalt when it does a repaving job, grinding it up and mixing it with a tar-like binder. It’s only strong enough to serve as a base coat though, and another layer of asphalt has to be laid atop it.
The new process binds the old ground-up asphalt with a liquid plastic binder made from old soda bottles. It’s said to be stronger, with no top coat necessary. That means no truck traffic hauling in additional asphalt.
We’ll see what happens over the next few years. But if it works, there’s a new second use for our trash. That’s important since China, which used to control 70 percent of the world recycling market, isn’t taking much of our trash any more,

MISS — It’s not yet halfway through August, and there are acres and acres of burned ground in the foothills.

Fire season — nearly year-round now — has made itself evident near Childs Meadow, Susanville, and Red Bluff, blistering thousands of acres. Luckily most aren’t around populated areas, but there’s plenty of season left.

With people being at home, it sets the stage for localized fires, like the one Wednesday in Durham. With their quick response, firefighters contained it to a quarter of an acre. But what’s more significant is that it was a mowing operation, and the owner was cited for a misdemeanor. The riding mower’s hot exhaust outlet started the fire.

We all know the guidelines: Mow before 10 a.m. Don’t use lawn equipment for cutting down weedy field. Have fire-quenching supplies nearby.  Safety and forethought are huge right now.

Hits & Misses are compiled by the editorial board.


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