Even as Reliance Jio continues to make aggressive bets in the Indian cable and broadband space, Hinduja Group’s integrated digital distribution company IndusInd Media & Communications (IMCL) is getting ready to save its turf with an expanded bouquet of offerings.

The diversified business conglomerate has so far invested over Rs 2,000 crore in the cable TV (In-Digital), broadband (ONE Fiber) and headendin-the-sky platform (NXT Digital), and Vynsley Fernandes, CEO, IMCL told ET that unlike some competitors, there is “no plan to sell”.

“The Hinduja Group has invested heavily in the business and will continue to invest as they see value. We always believed in partnerships and that is why our local cable operators like to work with us. We have no plans to sell. In fact, thanks to our HITS platform NXT Digital, we are ready to give infrastructure and back end service to smallest of operators with even 50 homes,” Fernandes told ET.

With its HITS’ footprint covering the whole of India, Fernandes claimed that the company can provide managed services to even its competitors. Incidentally, NXT Digital is bringing the incremental growth in terms of subscribers to the company, which now has a combined subscriber base of close to 5 million.

“We have about 2.2 million NXT Digital subscribers and rest from InDigital. In the cable business, now expansion is difficult and one can only upscale and increase ARPU, which is what we are looking at,” he explained. In order to increase ARPU and upscale offerings, it has expanded the channel capacity on the InDigital platform to over 700 channels in standard and high definition, along with 40 radio stations, making it one of the largest platforms in the country.

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