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HMRC rectify income tax rebate problem – this is what you'll need to claim your refund

HMRC were forced to take action last week as it came to light that several customers could not reclaim tax overpayments as normal. It was revealed that their Pay As You Earn (PAYE) repayment system experienced a technical issue.

Thankfully, HMRC confirmed on June 27 that they had fixed the problem: “This issue has now been fixed & the service is now open.

“All customers who have already submitted their repayment request will have the money in their bank by Thursday 2 July, or receive a cheque by Monday 13 July if they requested payment by cheque.”

This announcement from HMRC may have reminded some people to check on getting any potential tax rebates they’re due.

In order to get a tax refund online a person will need a “P800” calculation letter.

– There are a number of reasons why a person may expect a PAYE tax refund and some of those reasons will likely become prevalent in the coming months.

Those who were made redundant during the tax year may have already paid more tax than they had needed to and as such, they could look into claiming a refund.

The same circumstances could also be applicable for those who have changed jobs on their own accord.

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An employer themselves could also use an incorrect tax code for the employee which would then send the wrong information to HMRC, resulting in incorrect income tax charges.

Workers can head online to check they’re on the correct tax code and fix it if need be.


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