How Amazon’s FBA Services Can Help Grow Your Business

How Amazon’s FBA Services Can Help Grow Your Business

All in-the-know business owners are interested in Amazon’s FBA fulfilment by Amazon) services. But what is Amazon FBA, what does it entail, and is it worth exploring as part of your strategy when it comes to selling on Amazon?

Essentially, Amazon FBA allows your business to access free storage at an Amazon fulfilment centre (as well as free shipping and removals) and free return processing if you also sign up for their New Selection programme. 

Amazon FBA Makes Selling Easy

Essentially, Amazon FBA takes a lot of the labour out of your hands- at no additional cost. By having basics like packing, shipping, and returns taken care of by the outside service, business owners are free to focus on what matters most: selling products. 

Not only this, but FBA can also help to scale a seller’s business and help them to reach more customers, helping to ensure success on the platform. Products listed on FBA can qualify for benefits such as one or two-day shipping more easily, as well as being offered on Prime- meaning a business has enriched access to a higher level of Amazon-lovers than those who ignore FBA and try to grow their business on the marketplace without assistance.

Improved Customer Support

Any good Amazon agency will tell you FBA can help all areas of business- not just the obvious, physical side of shipping products to your customers. It’s also no secret that Amazon’s customer service network is legendary in terms of satisfying customers- no matter what country they occupy, what language they speak, or what time they need help. 

FBA customer support takes the pressure off of business owners in terms of customer satisfaction, leaving them to focus on perfecting and expanding their product lines. If there are complaints about a product, Amazon’s customer support system will take care of everything from processing returns fees to satisfying any unhappy customers where they do appear.

FBA is Reasonably-Priced

One thing that lots of business owners will tell you about selling with FBA services is this: it’s cost-effective. If you don’t choose to store products with them, you don’t pay for the storage space. Shipping costs are included in their prices, so business owners mostly have to worry about normal selling-on-Amazon fees without any extortionate price tags attached to your business on the marketplace.

Of course, there are additional services under the ‘FBA umbrella’ that many business owners may wish to take advantage of for the sake of improving their rankings on the platform, but these are not included with the main service and can be enjoyed at a later date.

Taking the Pressure Away From Business Owners

Of course, Amazon FBA services isn’t the only avenue overworked business owners can explore in order to streamline their workflows on the platform. There are many Amazon marketing agencies out there who can not only manage a brand’s FBA dealings on behalf of business owners but who can also scale a business on Amazon and improve product rankings in search results. If Amazon FBA sounds like it would benefit business, but there’s no time to manage another project, it may be worth researching a partnership with an Amazon agency that takes care of dealings on behalf of brands.

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