How and Why You Should Give Virtual Bingo Nights a Try

Bingo has had a huge resurgence in popularity over the last decade, and anyone who has played a game will find it easy to see why. It’s a great social event as well as a fun game, and there’s lots of different ways to play it—it’s not just the stale, boring game you imagine your grandma playing! If you’re wondering whether it’s for you, and subsequently how to set up a game, look no further. We’ve compiled our best tips here. 

How and Why You Should Give Virtual Bingo Nights a Try

Why Should I Try Virtual Bingo?

If you’ve never tried virtual bingo, there are a lot of reasons it makes a fun evening. For one thing, virtual bingo is easier and more convenient than ever to play. There are all different ways to make it work, as I will get into shortly, but the bottom line is that there’s nothing complicated about setting up or playing virtual bingo. If you’re daunted by the technological aspect, or by trying to get people to join, believe me, it’s really simple and easy. 

It’s so much quicker and more convenient than getting to play live bingo somewhere. This doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t bother with live bingo, but the truth is that for adults it can be really hard to find one night where everyone is free to make it out somewhere. Virtual bingo through sites like TrustedBingo makes this much easier, since no one needs to make plans to leave the house, find a babysitter, or anything else. Just set your laptop down or get in front of your computer. 

As the game becomes more popular with younger people, too, the simplest reason you should see to try virtual bingo is the simple fact that it’s really, really fun. Most people who play bingo aren’t looking for the chance to win lots of money; they’re just in it for the enjoyment! So, it’s not like other casino games in that way. It’s really just a bit of fun.

How to Play Virtual Bingo 

The first thing to do when getting your game set up is decide who you want to be there. You might just want friends and family, or you might want to open it up to anyone! Either way, invite the people you want to be there, and advertise the game on social media. Getting players is the first step in setting up the game! 

Then, you’ll need to pick a video calling platform to host it. There are lots of options, Skype being the oldest kid on the block; Skype is easy to use and, most importantly, totally free. Compatible with any device, like your mobile phone or your laptop, Skype is one of the best options. Zoom is another great choice, but the free package limits you to only a 40 minute call. 

Then, you’ll choose your bingo caller—most of the time you might just do it yourself, but no doubt you’ll want to play as well. Getting other people who are playing to agree to be the bingo caller as well ahead of time gives you the chance to play too, and gives them a fun opportunity to be the caller. 

Then, all you need to do is generate some tickets, by using a random number generator. You can use online bingo tickets, or you could even print out tickets for people ahead of time. Obviously one option involves a lot less planning. 

And you’re ready to play! Free bingo resources are more than readily available online, and they’ll make your job a whole lot easier. Give virtual bingo a try, we know you’ll love it. 

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