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As expected, Apple on Tuesday introduced its new iPhone 12 range (the entry-level iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max) and a $99 HomePod mini.

We know the company’s track record and so it is certain its new smartphones will live up to expectations. But (other than the chance for a better mobile device on the purchasing budget) what should enterprise professionals think about?

Now is the time to get into 5G

There is no doubt at all that the iPhone 12 enhancement most likely to be of interest to enterprise professionals will be the introduction of (real) 5G.

This introduction means 5G deployments will now accelerate — Verizon pretty much confirmed this with news of its plans. It’s a pattern very likely be repeated globally, though there may still be a little disappointment given that different nations are using slightly different iterations of the standard. Previous network improvements have rolled out in a similar fashion. These things will pass.

For enterprise professionals, 5G will deliver more secure and — perhaps — more reliable connectivity to get work done wherever they happen to be (subject to contractual limitations and bandwidth charges). It could be a cold glass of water in the desert if you don’t have good broadband but do have good mobile connectivity.

What’s more important is that the move will accelerate innovation in the 5G space. Switched-on enterprises will want to explore how 5G can be exploited beside Apple’s other tools to deliver new experiences and generate new business, while early-adopting businesses will now begin to bring the first iterations of what they have been working on to the public.

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