How Businesses Can Use TieTa to OutSource their Customer Service

How Businesses Can Use TieTa to OutSource their Customer Service

The role of customer service is key to any business and can play a huge role in making sales, keeping customers happy and maintaining a good image for your brand.

Currently, more than 109,000 people work in customer services in the UK, according to Statista. However, one issue that many small businesses find is that they are dealing with customer services on a daily basis when it is not their assigned role. You may find that marketing people, senior managers and business owners are jumping on customer calls, emails and complaints to keep the business running – whilst also draining their time and energy from more important tasks.

A new startup has acknowledged this challenge and has set up an effective and affordable way for businesses of all sizes to outsource their customer services.

Oxfordshire-based TieTa, was founded by Caroline Walton last year after overseeing the customer services for one of the UK’s largest personal finance companies for over 8 years.

“We realised that a lot of companies are overwhelmed by their customer services and complaints handling that they cannot carry out their daily activities or do what they do best,” explains CEO Walton.

“TieTa has been set up to be a fully outsourced customer service solution. We have a full team of customer service agents and can manage every aspect for you, including calls, emails, social media, live chat and everything else.”

“Our service is accessible and affordable for small, medium or large enterprises. By changing daily rates, you are getting access to a highly skilled customer service agent and many of whom are FCA trained if you work in a regulated environment.”

“The scalability of TieTa is that you can choose how many people you want from our team to assist you and with flexible contracts available. In some cases, you may prefer to use your existing team but use TieTa for extra busy periods or for working out-of-hours.”

At TieTa, there is a training and workshop day with each client, to understand the tone and feel and so that customer agents know how to answer any kind of question or scenario that is thrown at them. There is live reporting available to capture the number of calls, responses and even sales – using the likes of Zoho, Hubspot or Salesforce and many others too.

The customer service proposition is now just purely for answering calls and responding to emails, but can extend to helping with debt collection for loans, using dialler management to offer insurance renewals or even getting people to sign up for events.

“One of our biggest growth areas has been with covid testing,” says Walton. “When the government approved list of clinics came out, some of these centres became bombarded with test enquiries and we are able to assist with everything including the appointment scheduling, text messaging reminders and delivering of results digitally.”

“This was the perfect example of a company that was on a treadmill that they couldn’t jump off. But with TieTa, you may be on the treadmill now, but things could be better tomorrow.”

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