How Can I Make my CV Stand Out from the Rest When Applying for Jobs?

How Can I Make my CV Stand Out

Applying for jobs can be laborious, and at times, stressful experience – especially if you’re just starting out in your chosen field. The interview process can be extremely nerve-wracking; however you actually have to get to that stage to get anywhere close to getting the job and to do this, you’ll need a good CV. When composing your CV, it can be hard knowing how long it has to be, what order it should be in, and furthermore what details you should actually put on your CV. Sure, you can follow any old “how-to” on creating your CV, but how can you ensure that your CV actually stands out from the rest when you’re applying for jobs?

Research the Company and Job You’re Applying For

Yes, it makes sense to have a standard CV, but don’t be against editing it from application to application! That’s not to say change it completely, but do think about tweaking certain details and orders in order to suit the specific company you’re applying for at that moment.

For example, if you were looking for ways to help you sell your house quickly, then what would you do? Chances are, the first thing would be you’d research all of the methods of selling your home quickly. You’d look at all of the companies available and see which one suited you best. Now, if you were wondering how that’s relevant, think about it like this. If you were looking to work for these companies, you’d be looking at the companies, and wondering how YOU could best suit THEM.

Going forward from this, when tweaking your CV put the elements that would be most appealing to the said company near the top. Presumably, all of the jobs will be looking for similar things as they’ll probably be in the same field, but making your resume that little bit more personal will make you stand out that little bit more.

Start Strongly – as You Mean to go on

Did you know that the average employer, when handling recruitment will spend as little as seven seconds scanning your CV before deciding whether or not to even read on further, and furthermore whether you’re a suitable candidate? That being said, it’s crucially important that you catch their attention in the first couple of lines. Think about it as if you were listening to the chorus of a song. If it’s not catchy straight away, chances are it won’t be a hit, and the same applies for your CV.

Usually, the best place to start is with skills and accomplishments. This immediately lets the recruiter get to know you a little bit more personal than say for example if you put your grades up first. Of course, grades are important too, but they’re not attention-grabbing. If immediately you come across as an actively interesting person who thrives off achievement, they’re far more likely to want to get to know more about you.

Achievements and Results are Key  

When choosing the wording of your CV, you need to remember that the end and most important goal is that you end up being hired. That being said, it’s important to highlight your achievements and results above all else.

Of course, you can say as much as you like that, for example, in your previous job you were efficient and high-achieving. But when you think about it, literally anybody can say that they are those things. Make yourself stand out by SHOWING the recruiter how you doing these things positively benefitted the company you worked for. After all, the employers are interested in results and successes above everything else.

Show that You’re Knowledgeable About the Industry

When it comes to talking about your chosen industry, show that you’re knowledgeable about it already and ultimately are always eager to learn more. One of the best things you can do, proves that you’re up to date with knowledge within your chosen sector, whether you attended a workshop recently, can talk about new theories or figures, or whether your knowledge is vast enough to talk generally.

Use the Right Language

Finally, make sure that you use the right sort of words when you’re writing your CV. Positive, powerful words such as “innovative” and “achievement” are great because they make an immediate impact, and also get straight to the point. The more professional and forward-thinking your language is, the more likely a recruiter will be to commend your CV.

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