How Can Tech Benefit Your Business Amid COVID-19?

How Can Tech Benefit Your Business Amid COVID-19?

There’s no denying that COVID-19 is going to have a lasting impact on the way we do business. In the United States, millions of people lost their jobs as businesses cut back on processes or shuttered their doors completely due to revenue loss. To combat this issue, business owners will need to re-evaluate many aspects of their business and adjust to conducting more of their business remotely by using technology that is available to them. This digital transformation is likely here to stay, according to AT&T. Learn about three types of technology that may help your business function in a COVID-19 world.

Create a Virtual Tour of Your Business.

Right now, many people do not feel safe venturing out unless it is an essential trip to the grocery store or doctor’s office. Creating a virtual tour of your business will help show a potential customer the layout of the organization and what they can expect if they visit you. It will build trust and can also increase engagement on your website. Virtual tour pricing is fairly reasonable, especially considering that you can use these to demonstrate your business’s COVID-19 safety precautions and reassure clients that when they visit the business, they will be as safe as possible.

A virtual tour software company can help you create one that is high-quality and even interactive, showing clients exactly where everything is located and how you operate during a typical business day. The business can even create a virtual reality tour where customers can feel like they are at the business.

Use OKR Software to Keep Remote Team Members Connected to the Company.

Many companies had to quickly switch over to remote work to keep their employees safe from the looming threat of the virus. Along with this move came the need to keep employees feeling connected and engaged in their jobs while working on a distributed team. OKR software allows companies to keep everyone on track while letting employees see just how their tasks are affecting the business’s productivity on a day-to-day basis. OKR stands for objectives and key results, which are used to make sure employees know their business goals and what needs to be done to achieve them. The use of OKRs is vital to manage any project or process, manage any achievable outcomes, and increase productivity, according to NYU.

The goal-setting framework within OKRs can be measured by using OKR software that all employees can use to align themselves and their tasks with all goals, including stretch goals. By using key performance indicators and measuring those, employees can have a better view of how their role in the company is affecting the outcomes of the process. At the end of the quarter, they can use OKR methodology to find any strengths and weaknesses and adjust their individual OKRs with some goal setting practices to ensure they are doing everything they can to boost the company’s goals while working remotely.

eCommerce Accounting Keeps Your Payment Processing Online.

Accounting is a huge part of any business, and not bring able to meet with accountants face-to-face when you are used to conducting business that way can be frustrating during this pandemic. Instead of worrying about that issue, consider moving to an eCommerce accounting company. These companies can help process invoices, send out payments, and more—all 100 percent online. An online accounting firm can offer online check printing, direct deposit automation, send out 1099s and W2s, handle vendor payments, and much more.

By streamlining your accounting online, you can cut down on process time and also keep yourself and others safer by minimizing direct contact with them while the coronavirus is still here. The company will keep your bank account information secure, will eliminate the need to have a blank check stock, and will effectively replace Quickbooks if you use that software currently.

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