How COVID-19 has Affected the Digital Marketing Labour Market

Internet marketing has taken a quantum leap in the past year – almost all companies have gone online. Organisations that want to strengthen their online presence need a comprehensive digital marketing specialist. International Career School experts conducted a study of the UK digital marketing job market and identified the most in-demand skills and salary brackets for 2021-2022.

The State of Marketing in the Pandemic

Small businesses account for almost 50% of jobs in the UK and are crucial to the economic recovery.  IAB UK’s ‘Powering Up’ research shows that while most SMEs use and appreciate digital promotion, 40% do not use it at all, and small business owners need help with how to get the most out of digital channels.

Digital marketing allows even the smallest businesses to compete on an equal footing, increase market share in the most cost-effective way, protect and grow jobs and ultimately contribute to economic growth and stronger communities.

As large parts of the world reopen after vaccination campaigns, many industries have seen an increase in advertising and marketing expenditure.

According to the Dentsu Ad Spend Report 2021, ad spending in the UK could grow the second highest among global markets in 2021. Dentsu expects a healthy recovery in the UK advertising market, predicting 10.4% year-on-year growth by the end of 2021.

According to Emplifi’s analysis in the second quarter of 2021, total brands’ spending on social advertising increased by 58.9% compared to the same quarter in 2020.

Organisations today need marketers who understand the different promotion channels at the same time and are able to spend advertising budgets effectively to increase sales. Finding such versatile professionals is not easy. International Career School experts have analysed some 15107 UK vacancies in marketing, advertising and PR and found out who is in demand from employers, what salaries are offered to digital marketers and who will face a high level of competition for jobs.

Who is More Effective in Digital Marketing: the Universal Fighter or the Expert?

More and more often, young marketers in their choice of courses are trying to figure out whether they should remain a universal fighter or, conversely, pump up their expertise in narrow areas? Universalists are needed above all in marketing management positions. In other cases, narrowly-specialised “inexpensive” specialists who are able to “close” an issue/project in a short- or medium-term period are in demand.

In general, the role of the digital marketer is to communicate a company’s brand image, values, services and identity to consumers through a variety of platforms. These include, but are not limited to, social media, email, websites, Pinterest and blogs. The role of the digital marketer is constantly being redefined, driven largely by the constant evolution of technology and changes in ‘societal attitudes’. 

How COVID-19 has affected the digital marketing labour market

Comparison of average salaries (£ per year ) of medium level professionals according to the site

It therefore bodes well for a digital marketer to understand consumer behaviour; have a grasp of various tools such as enhanced analytics, to gage the effectiveness of a campaign. The digital marketer usually focuses on a different key performance indicator (KPI) for each channel so they can properly measure the company’s performance across each one. Performance marketing makes all advertising channels work together to make marketing as effective as possible.

A digital marketer is a generalist who solves business problems through the application of digital tools. It is a strategist who is able to see the whole picture: internal and external processes, the market environment, trends and tendencies. 

If we are talking about the place in a company’s hierarchy, the Internet marketing specialist is the manager who organizes the work and interaction of absolutely all the employees involved in the online promotion of a business. It is the digital marketer who decides which tools to use, how to manage ongoing campaigns, and how to organise data collection.

The Demand for Specialists

Marketing, advertising and PR specialists are consistently among the top ten most sought-after jobs in London and Cardiff: the share of job offers posted on  the in the capital is 46% of all vacancies in the UK.

The highest paying jobs are found in big cities like London and Edinburgh. ‘Lower paying regions include Coventry, Leicester and Sheffield, where salaries tend to be slightly lower than average.

Compare Digital Marketing Specialist salaries (£ per year ) for different cities according to the

Companies and brands are realising that they don’t need to divide promotion methods into offline and online, into SMM and SEO, search engine advertising and PR and so on: what’s needed are integrated strategies. And this requires a digital transformation of existing marketing processes. And here there is an urgent need for professionals who can quickly assess the current situation, think through development paths, create a coherent digital strategy and put it into practice for the benefit of the company. 

Thanks to the high level of salaries in the field of digital marketing, this area is attractive to jobseekers. Many are retraining for these professions and moving from related fields. 

Highly Paid Skills for Digital Marketers

The digital marketer knows all the tools available for online promotion and is well-versed in them. He or she is able to assess the current situation, predict development paths and make global decisions based on the data collected. Experienced Digital marketers can earn sums comparable to the salaries of top managers. The high salaries in this case are due to the large number of competencies a specialist must possess and the areas that must be mastered, as well as the fact that demand still exceeds supply. The expert of the The International Career School highlighted the most important high-paying skills:

Levels of Qualification and Earnings (£ per year ) in England in Digital Marketing according to the

  1. Data analysis. At the heart of the best marketing campaigns are mountains and mountains of data. And successful marketers don’t just know how to read this data, they use it to gain new insights and optimise marketing activities. knowing SQL will open you up to the world of the coolest employers, because you will no longer just be called a “marketer” but a “marketing analyst”.
  2. Content creation and content strategy. 82% of marketers report actively using. According to the McKinley Marketing Staffing Trends Report, for aspiring digital marketing professionals, content creation and organisation was the second most sought-after skill group. Internet advertising came out on top. 
  3. Video marketing. Four times more consumers will watch a video about a product than read about it. That’s an internet marketer’s must. So does the fact that, on average, 75% of viewers purchase a product precisely after watching a commercial. And conversions from videos are higher than from text ads. But the process of creating a video itself is quite complicated. Planning, producing, placing it at the right time, promoting it and analysing its effectiveness. How to do this correctly to increase ROI (return on investment) should be left to the internet marketer.
  4. Marketing automation. It is a simple way to manage a set of marketing activities in real time. What does it provide? The ability to measure results quickly and implement changes quickly as well. An internet marketer runs A/B tests, looks at performance metrics, and optimizes. This saves you time and money.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Executive

One of the most important skills for building a successful career is the ability to present yourself. It is important to be able to explain why the company needs you, how you will be useful and in what way. 

A digital marketer should be able to manage a team competently and find effective solutions to tasks, even if they do not meet the usual standards. 

Lack of experience in working with numbers and interpreting data correctly will prevent the average marketer from rising up the ladder. All components of marketing today are firmly tied to data, so you need to not only make quality content, but also be able to measure its effectiveness in numbers.

The combination of listening to the customer and working with numbers is a long-term trend that allows a good internet marketer (with an analytical mindset and an understanding of the value and money they bring to their company) to become a manager.

The best way to learn the necessary skills is to take a refresher course for digital marketing executives.

A competent training programme includes disciplines such as Marketing Planning, Project Management, Online Display Advertising, Delivering E-Commerce Solutions, Gamification and other. 

Research Findings

Advertising spending on promotion is on the rise as businesses are slowly coming to grips with the introduction of vaccination. Companies are focused on finding versatile digital marketers who understand how different advertising channels work. The average salary offered to a digital marketing specialist is £28,116 a year, which is more than the average salary of a subspecialist: Social Media Specialist, Traffic manager or SEO Copywriter. 

A digital marketing specialist should have the following specialist skills: knowledge of internet advertising, contextual advertising and the ability to work in analytical systems, knowledge of social media and search promotion, as well as work in graphics programmes and text writing skills. The best way to get promoted is to demonstrate comprehensive marketing skills. Further education will be needed to gain a better understanding of building marketing strategies and increasing the impact of promotional channels. 

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