How Craftsmen in London, Edinburgh, and Manchester Compare to Europe

The standard of living for craftsmen in London, Edinburgh and Manchester were put to light by the blue-Collar Index of 2020. The best cities with blue-collar workers were reviewed on financial prosperity, unionization of craft workers, and economic well-being in comparison to Europe.

In the end, a category of four professions, truck drivers, construction workers, metal workers, and logistics and warehouse employees, was selected to carry out the evaluation process. The evaluation entailed data on unemployment and the annual earnings of the unionized workers.

Truckers drive both heavy and light trucks; they cover long distances using different routes. The qualifications they may need are knowledge of the commercial driving regulations and being in possession of a trucking license.

Metal workers must maintain and repair vehicles using hand power tools; they ought to have knowledge on how to manufacture, assemble, and preserve steel and metal structures.

Construction workers repair and maintain buildings, roads, rails, and bridges. Their work involves the improvement of canals and harbors and the installation of dams and locks. They also demolish structures like bridges or buildings.

The logistics and warehouse employees are tasked with the duty to facilitate, load, unload, store materials, distribute and, implement instructions. The warehouse employees inspect logistical processes, orders and prepare shipping details. They also ensure the proper transportation of materials.

 In London, the evaluation revealed the annual salary deviation of truck drivers to be 4.60% less than that of Europe. As for metal workers, it was 9.87 % higher than in Europe. Construction workers ranked slightly higher than metal workers but earned higher than European construction workers by 5.10%. The logistics and warehouse employers ranked the highest of all the selected categories and Europe by 29.92%.

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The truckers in Edinburgh ranked lower than those in Europe by 11.53%. The construction workers earn 9.76% less than those in Europe. Metalworkers earn well. They are way above those in Europe by 10.90%. As for the logistician warehouse workers, the deviation of purchase power was lower than that of Europe by 0.70%.

In Manchester, the truckers’ performance was 11.53% lower than that of Europe. Truck drivers in Europe have better standards of living considering their annual earnings. The construction workers have an attractive pay because they earn 75.98% higher than those in Europe. Metalworkers earn 11.80% less than their counterparts in Europe. Then finally, the logistician’s warehouse workers earn 0.49% lower than the Europeans.

 The unionized workers ranked in London, Edinburgh and Manchester earn higher than in Europe by 8.84%, 16.53%, and 6.71% respectively. Unemployment rate also ranked higher than that in Europe by 8.40%, 7%, and 8.90% respectively. 

The General score of the employment labor forces in London, Edinburgh, and Manchester was 67.92, 73.53, and 64. 25 respectively. Hence, Edinburgh has the most robust employment labor force.

Craftsmanship in Europe is considered as leisure. It begs the question as to why London, Edinburgh, and Manchester would rank higher than her employees in some categories.

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