How Do Progressive Web Apps Enhance User Experience

How Do Progressive Web Apps Enhance User Experience

Do you know why the demand for progressive web apps is constantly increasing? That’s because they are lightweight and once loaded on a device, they act somewhat like an app. They use fewer data and space, load faster, and can be accessed offline. No wonder users prefer to use such web applications to enhance convenience.

If you are not yet introduced to the concept of a PWA (Progressive Web Application), take a look at how the professionals of any website design company describe the same: it is a website that feels similar to an app you can find in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. On the other hand, it can be accessed through the traditional URL as well. This makes it search engine friendly. With a trendy and useful progressive web app, you can easily draw more traffic and enhance revenue for your business.

Wondering how? We’ll explain. Below, we have mentioned how a PWA works and its advantages. So, stick to the end!

How Does a PWA Work

Progressive Web Application uses JavaScript and works in the background to ensure rich user experience. It loads all the relevant resources when a user clicks on the web app icon and interacts with it. The JS code also enables the app to work offline so that the site can load much faster than any native app.

Advantages of PWA

According to the web application development services provider, a progressive web application has multiple advantages. Here’s a glimpse:

1. User Friendliness

You may wonder why should you develop a progressive web app. We tell you why. A native app indeed has its advantages but you need to develop three versions of the app – for Windows, Android, and iOS. With PWA, you need to build only one.

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Fun fact: Do you know that users take about 4-6 clicks for installing a native app and with each click, you have a chance of losing about 20% users. But a progressive web app can be opened within 2 clicks! Convenience, here it comes!

2. Push Notification

Push notification is not exclusive to native mobile apps alone as you can also send such notifications to your target audience from PWA as well. PWA supports Push Notification API that means it supports browser push notifications.

Now, what are browser push notifications? These are small clickable pop-ups that appear on the user’s mobile or web browser.

However, bear in mind that Apple is yet to support web push notifications on iOS. You can get this web app feature in Android only.

3. Simple Installation 

Going to an app store to find the right app and install into a phone is quite a tedious task. Especially, it’s not possible if the network connection is poor. PWA gives a break from all the fuss. It takes less than a second to get installed and doesn’t consume much space.   

4. Updated 

Updates are quite annoying and the data consuming aspect of any app. With PWA, there’s no such fuss about updates. The web application will automatically update in the background with nominal data usage without affecting the user experience. Isn’t it great that your web app can be updated without any hassle?

6. Cost-Effective

If you want to develop a robust and feature-rich mobile app, it’s going to cost you substantial bucks. Also, it has to be present on multiple platforms that further levels up the cost. On the other hand, developing a progressive web app that seamlessly works on all the platforms is more cost-effective. Also, depending on your budget or requirement, you may engage front-end, back-end, or full stack web development services. This will further reduce your expense.

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Future of Progressive Web Application

Native apps are not going anywhere, not anytime soon. But the demand for PWA will rise in the coming years. It offers a perfect solution for businesses looking to develop a flexible, robust, and secured platform for their customers. Wondering why? Well, because PWA combines the best of both experiences – it has all the functionality and user-friendliness of the native app and the easy availability of a website.

This infographic will further explain how PWA is the future of web development. Check it out.


As you can well understand, PWA is going to be the future of applications where the mobile-friendly websites and native mobile apps become one! So, are you planning to get one for your business? Then contact a website design company soon.

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