High tech lock doors have become popular and fit right in the 21st century innovations.

Having a locksmith Orlando near me install a digital lock can improve your home security in the following ways:

Smarter Security

A simple lock and key provide a basic level of security, whereas hi-tech door locks can do so much more. For instance, it can be connected to your home Wi-Fi and send notifications on when it was accessed, incorrect entries, etc. straight to your smartphone.

Knowing that a security breach is just an SMS or email away gives you peace of mind even when you or your loved ones are away on vacation or a business trip.


You and your family members won’t need a key to enter through the front door. An advanced e-lock with biometrics or digital keypads are more convenient as they can record your fingerprint and have that set as the default unlock mechanism.

Some smart locks even have mics and can be unlocked via a mobile phone app. With a press of the button or confirmation of who’s at the front door, you can unlock the device and let the person in. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about lost keys and having to replace every lock in your house in such an event.

24/7 Monitoring

Smart locks are like video cameras in that they can capture footage or pictures of events. A tiny lens can provide a live feed to any supported device- you can save all these recordings in your computer or the cloud.

Download the lock’s app and you can even set parameters such as changing the method of access or having it integrate with your other smart appliances, such as the lights, garage door sensors, air conditioning and more.

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As technology gets better and more advanced, so do home security solutions such as locks.



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