How Instagram Automation Can Help Your Startup Business

How Instagram Automation Can Help Your Startup Business

Running and managing your personal Instagram account is something you can very well do on your own. This statement, however, changes when you’re running and managing a business Instagram account. There’s a lot more that goes into ensuring your startup business’ Instagram profile is well managed, on top of the daily business activities you also have to accomplish.

This is where Instagram automation comes in. It refers to the process by which an automated tool manages your Instagram profile on your behalf. It can be programmed to send direct messages, show important Instagram analytics, and schedule Instagram content, among its many other functions.

Using Instagram automation tools may not necessarily be the first thing that comes into mind, especially if what you have is still a startup business. To convince you of its merits, this article shares a run-down of the many ways Instagram automation can support your startup business’ journey to success.

It Enables You to Safely Engage More with Followers

Those who have successfully made it on Instagram would know that there’s such a thing as safely engaging with followers. This means engaging neither too much nor too little, otherwise, your account’s statistics may be affected. Getting this right, however, is a lot of work. There’s so much that goes into properly studying your analytics to meet that safe engagement level.

Using Instagram automation is one of the best solutions. It enables you to interact with your followers while ensuring that your account is within Instagram’s safety threshold. You don’t have to worry about possibly getting banned for over interacting or playing it too conservatively and then breaking your Instagram account’s momentum.

It Helps You Perform and Accomplish More Tasks 

You may have a marketing team or a social media manager to develop and implement your  Instagram marketing strategies. However, no matter how good or well-abled they are, their skills aren’t without limitations. They can only do so much on any given day. And, having to do so many manual tasks day in and day out may render them inefficient with their job.

For instance, imagine how your social manager will need to check on ten different things before they can complete one task or follow a new user. That’s a lot of time wasted if done manually. Instagram automation tools can speed the process up so you and your team can focus on more critical tasks that drive revenue and audience engagement.

Startup businesses would know how important it is to be efficient with their practices. This means less time and resources wasted, so productivity and profitability are maximized. To that end, some of the actions that Instagram automation can perform include:

  • Likes. This is Instagram’s most important form of acknowledgement. Apart from receiving likes from your followers, your startup business has to be generous with giving likes to other authority Instagram sites like followers and influencers to increase your brand visibility across the platform.
  • Comments. This lets your startup business automate and queue replies and comments to followers without necessarily spamming them. Remember, you have to be able to draw that line that separates what’s acceptable from what’s spammy. Otherwise, Instagram may block you. 
  • Follow. The concept on Instagram is simple: the more accounts you follow, the more you gain followers for your account. Automating Instagram can also help you automatically unfollow accounts to have a better follower-to-followed ratio.
  • Direct Messages. Like replying to comments, you also have to be on your toes when it comes to responding to Direct Messages. When your business receives too many in a day, it can be challenging for you to reply to those messages in a timely fashion. Instagram automation tools allow you to stay on track while not being too overbearing and spammy.

It Gives Better and More Reliable Insights into Your Analytics

One of the advantages of automating any business process is the fact that it may reduce the chances of human error. This applies to Instagram automation as well. 

Many marketers and agencies look into analytics to make marketing decisions and insights for businesses. If the data on those analytics is wrong, then the accuracy of the decisions made is also affected. 

This is where the many benefits of automation come in. 

Firstly, with automation, you can generate business data in no time. When there is no delay in getting business information, decisions can be drawn up right away when needed. Remember that faster decision-making is a major competitive advantage. Second and most importantly, since you have these data on hand, the conclusions you will make have a higher chance of accuracy and effectiveness. Human errors are reduced, and your decisions are more objective than subjective.  


With the list above, you should now be feeling more compelled to adopt Instagram automation. Not only does it speed up the process of Instagram marketing, but it also helps you deliver real-time replies, top-notch content and improve user experience. And with the availability of automation tools, complex tasks are simplified so you can do more worthwhile activities for your startup business to thrive and survive. 

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