How many mutual funds should I invest for maximum returns?

I want to spend Rs 20,000 per month in mutual funds through SIP. I have a long investment horizon. My risk appetite is moderate. How many funds should I have ideally to get the maximum returns?

-Shivam Sharma

If you are a new investor, we would like you to brush up your mutual fund basics. You should also take an online quiz to identify your risk profile. The market is likely to witness some turmoil in the coming months. Proceed with a lot of caution. Also, continue with your investments irrespective of the market conditions to maximise your returns. If you have any doubts or apprehension regarding the market and your investments, seek the help of a mutual fund advisor.

We typically ask long-term investors with a moderate risk profile to invest in flexi cap schemes. You need one or two schemes in your portfolio, especially when you are investing a modest amount. Too many schemes make it difficult to monitor their performance regularly. They also often result in portfolio duplication and overseas diversification.

Here are our recommended flexi cap schemes:
Best flexi cap funds to invest in 2022


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