How Much Does a Bunch of Flowers Cost Online and at the Supermarket?

How Much Does a Bunch of Flowers Cost Online and at the Supermarket?

You can buy flowers everywhere these days, not only at the florist, but also at supermarkets and gas stations. There are several reasons why some people buy a bunch of flowers at the supermarket or gas station, often this has to do with convenience or lack of time. Other people do not buy flowers from the florist because of the price, because they think it is too expensive. How much does a bunch of flowers actually cost?

How Much Does a Bunch of Flowers Cost at the Supermarket or Gas Station?

Flowers at the supermarket or gas station are often cheap; for about €5 you can buy a bunch of flowers. Many people who buy their flowers here do so out of convenience, because they are already there anyway. In many cases, it is also an impulse purchase. The choices are often limited at the gas station and the supermarket, it is more often about bunches of flowers than about well-composed bouquets.

A disadvantage of buying flowers at a gas station or supermarket is that the staff is not specialized in handling flowers. The flowers and bouquets are placed in containers with water, after which they are no longer looked after. These bouquets and flowers will therefore age more quickly and will not last as long.

How Much Does a Bunch of Flowers Cost at the Florist?

At a florist you have a huge choice of flowers and bouquets. Moreover, you go to a florist, because they understand flowers. The flowers you buy from a florist are well cared for, and you will also receive advice on how best to take care of the flowers yourself. This together ensures that your flowers will last much longer. Flowers from the florist are collected fresh from the auction. They can be on your table within a day. Flowers from the supermarket are often in the buckets for a week before someone buys them.

Because of the large choice it is difficult to indicate what a fixed price is for a bunch of flowers at the florist. You can have a bunch of fresh tulips in spring for €5, a bouquet often starts at €12.50. An advantage of a florist is that you can put together a bouquet yourself, together with the florist who can help you with it. For such a composed bouquet you pay about €15, depending on the size of the bouquet and which flowers are in it.

What Does a Bunch of Flowers Cost if You Order them Online?

You can also order flowers online, such as at where you can buy fødselsdag blomster. You can buy a bouquet of flowers at from around €15. The advantage of ordering your flowers online is that you can take your time to find the right bouquet. You can search through the wide range from the comfort of your home and easily order. works together with florists throughout the Netherlands. This gives you the advantage of the knowledge and experience of a real florist, you are guaranteed fresh flowers that are well cared for.

You can buy a bunch of flowers in different places and at different prices.You can buy at Bloompost in Denmark for example and order a bunch of bestil blomster. If you want to buy a bouquet of flowers that has been put together by a florist with knowledge and experience, you can be sure that you are getting a bouquet with well-maintained and fresh flowers. You also have this advantage if you order flowers online, the flowers will then also be delivered to your home.

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