How much security is enough? – TechRadar

The world of cybersecurity can be confusing. Organizations learn about new threats they need to protect against all the time. Cisco’s Talos cyber threat research group alone identified almost one new vulnerability per day in 2019. Organisations might have dozens of security products installed, but they may feel overwhelmed by false alarms and endless maintenance. And chances are, they may still find themselves victim to phishing attempts, data breaches or ransomware attacks.

All companies have to balance the level of risk they’re comfortable with, against the resources they have to hand to protect themselves. This is especially pertinent in the SMB sector. For these organisations, with their limited resources, playing to their strengths in being able to think and move quickly can be an advantage in tackling and preparing for security threats. Knowing what good preventative security work looks like, and being able to do it, can have more of an impact than getting bogged down in the alerts generated by a whole suite of poorly configured security products.

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