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IT purchasing teams have a dismal track record, in part because they face a number of roadblocks. Undue influence of a few team members who only check in occasionally. Failure to include a diversity of stakeholders. Paying too much attention to what vendors say about their own products. Not giving security its due.

So what can IT pros do to improve things and ensure successful purchases when they’re members of buying teams? Plenty, according to Gartner.

The research firm surveyed 1,464 respondents from midsize and large companies worldwide and found that, on average, they made 26 buying decisions per year for products including infrastructure software and data center gear, managed services, security, and application software.

Their success rate is measured by whether they made what Gartner calls high-quality deals – deals that fulfill the initial ambitions of the customer, result in smooth deployment of the purchase, and involve buying premium products.

The rate of landing high-quality deals is startlingly low, just 27% on average, according to Hank Barnes, who did the research. And nearly 40% of those polled registered “high regret” with the decisions they made.

Barnes spends most of his time advising vendors on how to improve the way they sell and market their enterprise products, but what he’s discovered reveals a lot about how purchasing teams work and what IT pros might do to improve their winning percentage.

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