How Online Security Threats Hurt Work-From-Home Businesses –

Insecure Networks for Remote Access

From an online security perspective, the influx of employees working from home is an absolute dream for cyber criminals. Not working in the office may have its perks as far as comfortable clothes are concerned, but the loss of a robust security infrastructure that comes with it can have a seriously negative impact on the safety of your personal data.

The problem is becoming the bane of many IT departments around the world, with 61% insisting that it is their most common issue. To make matters worse, 41% of IT heads agreed that they often don’t know how to “discover, identify, or respond to unknown, unmanaged, or insecure devices accessing network and cloud resources.”

How to Mitigate the Threat

The reality is that business-level work was not meant to be done at home, and most businesses aren’t set up to manage this kind of shift. Fortunately, technology is here to save the day. A good VPN, for example, could help businesses to protect individual employee devices while still at home. It hides everything from your IP address to your online activity from onlookers, so you can be sure your company’s data is safe and sound.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive means of securely having your employees work from home though, remote access software will allow you to securely link your employees to company data without all those loopholes and security breaches. You’ll be able to actually access company data directly, rather than have it sent to you, improving security from top to bottom.


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