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How OpenPayd Attracts The Best Talent

The entire world is at a crossroads. Technology has finally reached a point where everything around us can go fully digital. The future will only bring new technologies and faster evolution in business, finances, and the economy.

OpenPayd is well aware of the current situation, so the company tries to implement new technologies and methods on time. Young talents understand where the world is going, and once they hear about OpenPayd and its plans, they all want to contribute in some way. The company is making significant steps towards the future, and talented people want to be a part of it.

Attractive Offices In 5 Locations Around The Globe

Ozan Ozerk, the company founder, already had extensive experience working with online services and saw potential in bringing his experience into financial services.

How OpenPayd Attracts The Best Talent

That’s why he wanted to create a new, digital banking platform providing Banking as a Service (BaaS) through a single API, which allows direct payments, money transfers, and finance management.

This vision would only be possible with the right people on board. The first person that made the team was the current chief executive, Iana Dimitrova. Iana already had extensive knowledge on the regulatory side being Head of Legal Affairs and Managing Director at Paysafe.

Iana called up a few experts in the field and explained the original idea behind OpenPayd. Soo some of her closest former colleagues joined in too, and the original team was born. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg as everyone understood that they needed dozens of capable people to put everything into action. 

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Once OpenPayd was founded in 2019, the company needed a broad reach worldwide, so they opened five offices. Their current HQ is in the UK, but they also have offices in Turkey, North America, Malta, and Bulgaria. Every location has a team of developers and marketing experts. 

New Features Need New People

The initial idea took wind very quickly. Ozerk connected with the right people, so it wasn’t hard to communicate his vision. The rest of the team worked on perfecting the original idea behind OpenPayd. Still, to put things into action, the company needed a few talented programmers and app developers, as well as a legal team and a financial expert.

Since the company was already in full swing, and both figureheads already had a worldwide reputation, talents from far and wide wanted a piece of the action. OpenPayd still had a long way to go to reach the end destination, so expanding the team was the next logical step.

The company organized interviews across all five offices. Hundreds of talented young people showed up. The HR team had a tough time picking the people they needed because most applicants showed massive interest and had an impressive resume to show. 

It’s the smallest of details that made the final choice, but OpenPayd finally had the people needed to put everything into action. With a team of developers, marketing experts, financial advisors, and banking experts, the team was ready to begin their epic journey.

Plan, Adapt, Overcome

It turned out that OpenPayd needed a lot more work than anyone thought. The reason for that is because the platform is designed to offer multiple payment methods and direct money transfers from one online account to another, all within the platform.

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That required a complicated system and all kinds of legal documents to put into action. Ever since day one, OpenPayd faced unforeseen problems and legal restrictions that required a different approach. Iana’s position within the company and her knowledge of international regulations turned out to be the perfect mix of skills needed to solve the problem.

The HR team did over 150 interviews with talented programmers and financial experts to find the key team members in each location whose only job was to navigate the platform through international laws, regulations, and restrictions. 

OpenPayd faced so many challenges during the first year of development; sometimes, it seemed impossible to fix. Luckily for everyone involved, Iana’s keen eye for talents found some incredibly skilled people that found solutions for every problem they encountered. 

What Started as Professional Engagement Turned Into a Family

OpenPayd has unique traits that help people connect. A unique combination of character and compassion has helped everyone get closer to each other while working on the project. The environment is always relaxed but professional, and no matter how challenging the task at hand may be, the management always puts the people in front of everything else.

Slowly, all team members learned to look at the company and the OpenPayd platform as a member of their own family. The team chemistry reached a point where everyone involved feels right at home. The founder knew that he couldn’t get far without the right people, and after all that ordeal to find them, why not treat them as a family? This approach is the best thing that happened to OpenPayd, and perhaps the primary reason why the platform´s success. 

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When things got tough, everyone was more than happy to put in some extra hours and work harder than ever to find the right solution. Today, the entire team works in perfect harmony. Open communication, trust, and passion drive OpenPayd forward without showing any signs of stopping.

The Future Looks Bright

OpenPayd is quickly gaining popularity. Thousands of businesses joined the platform, and with new features being added all the time, the forecasts say that it will become one of the most popular business banking solutions in the next few years. 

We can only expect Iana and Ozan to expand their teams and improve the platform even further, making it easier for businesses and companies to expand to an international market. OpenPayd will soon become the go-to choice for online transactions and financial management.

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