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How pensioners living abroad can submit annual life certificate

Every central government pensioner/family pensioner is mandatorily required to submit their annual life certificate in the month of November. Those aged 80 years or above get an extra month to submit the life certificate -they can submit it between October 1 and November 30. One has to submit it physically either at the bank or post office, or avail doorstep services. It can be done online as well.

Physical submission of the life certificate can be done if you are living in the country, but how does pensioner living abroad submit his/her life certificate?

The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW), via an office memorandum dated September 22, 2021, provided information about the different ways a pensioner living abroad can use to submit the life certificate.

Here are five ways in which pensioners living abroad can submit their life certificates.

1) As per the circular, in case of a pensioner/family pensioner residing abroad and drawing pension/family pension through any bank included in the Second Schedule of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Act, 1934, the life certificate may be signed by an officer of the Bank. A pensioner/family pensioner gets exemption from personal appearance subject to production of life certificate signed by the above-mentioned officer of the bank.

2) A pensioner/family pensioner not residing in India is exempted from personal appearance if his/her duly authorized agent produces a life certificate signed by a Magistrate, a Notary, a Banker or a Diplomatic Representative of India.

3) Pensioner/family pensioner can also provide digital life certificate online through Aadhaar based biometric authentication system. Details of this method are available on the Jeevan Pramaan portal.

4) If the NRI pensioners/family pensioners are unable to come to India for personal identification, pension/family pension may be allowed on the basis of a certificate to be issued by an authorized official of the Indian Embassy/High Commission of India or Consul of Indian Consulate in the country where the pensioner/family pensioner is residing. This certificate is to be issued on the verification of pensioner/family pensioner on the basis of photograph pasted in the PPO or on the basis of photograph pasted on the Passport or any other such document.

5) Lastly, if the pensioner/family pensioner is unable to visit the Embassy of India/Consulate, he/she may submit requisite documents by post to the Embassy/Consulate, including Doctor’s Certificate showing the pensioner’s/family pensioner’s inability to present himself/herself in person. Embassy of India/High Commission/ Indian Consulate may also assist pensioners/family pensioners in submission of life certificates.


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