How People Unwittingly Attract Rodents to Business Premises

How People Unwittingly Attract Rodents to Business Premises

The overwhelming majority of commercial buildings are infested with rodents. Now, this isn’t always entirely true. Some buildings have more rodents than others, but the fact is that commercial buildings and rodents go hand in hand. What you also have to understand is that once you have a few rodents, they will rapidly multiply.

But how do you prevent this? How do you keep rodents out of your building? There are dozens of answers to this question, but the easiest way is to prevent them in the first place. What you also have to realise is that rodent do not simply show up. There’s a reason why they’ve selected your building, says Mickala Stanford, whose company specialise in providing commercial pest control across London. Most often it’s because you did something to attract them, says Mark, and the bottom line is this: you need to stop doing things that attract rodents into your building.

How to Prevent Rodents in Your Commercial Building

1. Clean Up Your Canteen or Eating Area

Most commercial buildings have either a canteen, kitchen, or some type of eating area. This is true whether you run a factory, office building, or retail outlet. These areas are often left in a horrendous mess and scattered with food debris. This quickly attracts rats that are looking for food. To prevent this, these areas should be kept spotless. Instruct staff to clean up after themselves and send in cleaning staff at night.

2. Seldom Visited Places

Some commercial buildings may have entire areas where no one has been for years. This is especially true if the building has stood empty for years or months. These places can include store rooms, empty offices etc. Rodents seek out places where they will not be disturbed, and these areas are perfect. To stop this, make sure these areas are routinely inspected for pests, aired out, and cleaned.

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3. The Way You Store Your Goods

Depending on the type of commercial outlet, there may be stored goods. These will often attract rats who are looking for food and materials to build their nests. No matter what you’re storing (especially if it’s food) all items must be securely stored. It’s not enough to store goods in boxes, because rats can easily chew through these. Pest infestaions can cause costly repairs to your commercial building as well.

4. Inadequately Defended Perimeter

Rats do not teleport into your building. They have get in from somewhere. This usually happens when there is some gap in your perimeter. This could be a hole or crack in your walls. It could be when door are left open. Rodents may even enter via sewers. To point is that you need to seal up your perimeter, and make sure there is nowhere that rodents can enter.

5. Inadequate Pest Control Measures

In our experience very few people are proactive when it comes to pest control. The main reason for this is because they see it as an unnecessary expense. While rodent numbers are low, they do not pose a problem, and are not thought about. Its only once rodents grow out of control that people feel the need to something. Unfortunately, by that point it’s too late. The pests will have done their damage and getting rid of them is a protracted battle.

This is why you must do something before the problem occurs. All commercial buildings must implement an integrated system of pest control. Whether this is placing bait traps or undergoing regular pest inspections. This way rodents do not have time to breed and take over. If this makes sense to you then contact us today for fast efficient rodent control.

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