How Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 Helped Don C Hit a New Creative High – Complex

Samsung and Don C have linked up in an effort to tout the creativity-assisting properties of the Galaxy Z Fold2.

As part of the partnership, the well-versed designer—whose accomplishments include founding the Just Don brand and RSVP Gallery—is featured in a new video that sees him showing off the art-focused benefits of the device that’s now available both online and in stores.

Image via Samsung

For Don C, the Fold2 provides him with a way to greatly multiply his productivity. The device’s Flex Mode, specifically, represented a game-changer for the designer. He’s also particularly fond of the Multi-Active Window feature, which in his case eases the ability to, say, approve a PDF or review a crucial document while in the middle of a video chat.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is available now for $25 a month on a 48-month payoff plan, or for $1,199.99 with eligible trade-in.

Image via Samsung

In an accompanying Q&A session, Don C—whose years of experience as an in-demand designer have resulted in a number of high-profile collabs—elaborated further on what most inspired him about being introduced to the Fold2.

Image via Samsung

Below, peep the full Q&A with Don C. And for more info on how to procure a Fold2 for yourself, click this.

In this recent short film from Samsung, you mentioned that technology helps you multiply your productivity in ways that you couldn’t do alone. How do Samsung products like the Galaxy Z Fold2 help you do that?

Man, it immensely multiplies my productivity. Like before I was exposed to this device, I used to do video conferences and then have to excuse myself when I wanted to approve a PDF or review a document. Now I don’t have to excuse myself. I can see people’s expressions and they can see mine. I can stay connected to them on video while I’m reviewing whatever information we’re going over. So that was like the main game changer for me. That made me ecstatic about the Z Fold2.

You’re talking about the phone’s dual screen function, right?

Correct, the dual screen and I use Flex mode. With Flex mode, I can set it down and have one screen facing me, have the keypad on the bottom screen, or have multiple screens on the bottom. I mean, no other device does this. It fuses the phone and a tablet to give you everything. And I haven’t explored everything because I’m new to even the Google/Android ecosphere. So I’m discovering something new every time I’m playing with this thing. So it’s really exciting.

And on that new Samsung video, I noticed you’re working on baseball cards. How do you approach designing your ongoing collaborations with Topps?

Well, the first thing I do is research. I love looking up sports history and finding more information about it. I think my responsibility is educating through art. So by spreading good principles and information through sports, it’s not even work for me. It’s fun and it’s what I enjoy.

This year has been crazy. But I still see in this video, you’re cooking up some fresh new pieces for your line. What can your fans expect from that in the future?

Oh, we’re stepping it up. Like everything, I want things to get better. New technology means that nothing should remain the same. So we have new resources, new experiences, and new information at our disposal. So I want my brand and everyone’s brand to be better after 2021.


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