How scanning technology can spot fake IDs – KWCH

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Fake IDs have long been a staple on college campuses, but new technology is making it easier for businesses to spot them.

Pumphouse in Oldtown says fake IDs are a big problem. The bar says it can get fined, even shut down, for serving minors. That’s why it’s so serious about making sure fake IDs do not get past the door.

Fake IDs are more sophisticated than they used to be. Several years ago, you could use someone who looked like you or replace the photo with an exacto knife. Now, you can order them online with your photo, signature, height and weight for only $200.

Pumphouse uses “patron scan.” Even if the ID scans, it can still tell whether the ID is fake. Employees are also trained to spot them by feel or behavior of the person.

“That’s why we employ guys at the door carding people who are skilled in detecting fake ids – in addition to our high tech scanning system. It is very much our responsibility to make every effort to keep people using fake IDs out of the bar.”

Bartenders can be arrested for serving minors, even if that minor used a fake ID.

With colleges back in session, Pumphouse knows minors will try to get inside.

“We will be vigilant. We always are, but we will increase our vigilance just a little to make sure that we’re not missing anything.”

He says minors get a fake ID for social reasons. They don’t want to be “left out.”

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Pumphouse says if you’re caught with a fake ID, they ban you forever. You aren’t allowed inside even after you turn 21.

Also, these “patron scanners” are on a network. If you’re banned from Pumphouse, but then try to get into a bar anywhere else in the country with the same scanner – it alerts security that you’re banned from a bar – and it may not let you in.


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