How tax hit is hindering electric-car sales – while demand for diesel surges –

A couple of simple figures reveal how the Government is hobbling rather than encouraging electric-car buying.

n the Budget it removed a major incentive for businesses to buy electric vehicles.

The result is that total EV sales are a mere 100 or so up on last year.

That seems to fly in the face of logic, considering the plan is to have one million EVs on the road by 2030.

Peugeot executive Colin Sheridan this week summed up the measly increase: “It’s a long way from a million.”

Meantime sales of diesels, deemed the demon fuel for so long, have increased significantly for some distributors.

Peugeot says it can’t get enough of them. Mr Sheridan said: “We’re being eaten for them.”

Many, many people want diesels because nothing else fits their requirements right now, he said.

He made his comments as Peugeot rolled out several new cars this week, including some with, or soon to have, a choice of diesel, petrol and electrified powertrains. Among them was the new 2008SUV (pictured).

Mr Sheridan said it was impossible for automakers (and consequently buyers) to plan ahead in the face of shifting sands of contradictory government policies and actions.

Such conflicts are going to be thrown into even sharper relief in January when the full brunt of new and higher emissions figures will be unleashed, if nothing is done.

There are growing fears car prices will shoot up if the Government doesn’t change VRT bands in the Budget to lessen the impact of the WLTP system.

Distributors and buyers need to know what is planned on that front and for future taxation treatment of EVs and PHEVs.

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