How Technology Continues to Drive Online Casinos

It’s easy to forget how glitchy and limited the early online casinos of the 90s were. Yet, even though those early sites bare little resemblance to what is available today, they were considered groundbreaking at the time. As is the case with many other industries, technological innovation is key to gaining an edge in the competitive world of online casino gaming.

These are the significant technological advancements that have propelled online casino gaming to become one of the most prevalent forms of entertainment in the world. 

Mobile-Friendly Gambling

While the desktop online casino websites appeared extraordinary at the time, the shift to mobile-friendly online casinos has been a seminal moment. The resultant increased accessibility has made online casino games available to play at any time and anywhere, enormously accelerating the growth of the gaming genre. At one point, it appeared that online casino apps were the way to go if punters wanted to engage in some bingo betting, roulette gambling or blackjack playing. Yet, with the complexities of creating different apps for various mobile devices, it became in the industry’s best interests to forgo app development altogether and construct mobile-friendly websites. The cross-platform functionality of today’s major online casinos shouldn’t be dismissed, as it was an exceptional achievement that allows everyone convenient access to casino entertainment. 

Live Dealers

While the creation of the online casinos was impressive, they did lack that personal touch until the fairly recent addition of live dealers. Live dealer games deliver that immersive experience which simply wasn’t there previously and the feeling of actually being present in a casino has returned. The dealers are professional and appealing and can act as a guide to what is sometimes complex gameplay. Most games also offer the chance to interact with the host, and this is an essential part of the gaming experience for many. The current game show experiences that are bringing in a whole new generation of casino gamers wouldn’t have been possible without the live hosts that take the helm for games such as Deal Or No Deal Live and Monopoly Live.

Data-Driven Gaming

For the major online casinos, AI is operating under the surface to ensure player satisfaction and dictate the future direction of casino gaming. Leveraging AI to crunch huge amounts of data to deliver personalised promotions, game recommendations, and bonuses to every gamer is an essential element of the customer retention process. It’s common knowledge that it’s far more affordable to retain an existing customer than to attract a new one, and having a solid customer base allows any business to engage in long-term planning. The AI-enabled data practices also provide game developers with clear insights into what casino games are engaging audiences, allowing them to develop new games that are tailored to suit the appetites of real money gamers. 

There are a couple of omissions from this article that a worth mentioning. While accepting cryptocurrencies at one point felt like a pivotal step for online casinos, it hasn’t been as impactful as many predicted, and the recent crypto panic has further instilled the belief that crypto gambling won’t be particularly prevalent in the future. The other innovation that is generally brought up when discussing technology and gambling is AR and VR. It feels that we’ve been waiting for aeons for these to be a major driving force in the gambling sector, but it simply hasn’t materialised in a form that draws gamers to the product. Hopefully, AR and VR casino gaming is in the pipeline and we will all get to experience another incredible gambling technological innovation.

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