How the New Tier System for Covid-19 Protection is Going to Affect Business

With the Priminister, the Chancellor and the top science Government advisor yesterday releasing the next stage into tackling the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 with the new tier system coming into place which with looking into regions affection rates per 100,000 and decide if they fit into the Medium, High or Very High category.

How The New Tier System For Covid-19 Protection Is Going To Affect Business

The majority of the country will continue to be in the medium category which still sticks by the 6 people rule and 10pm curfew for many hospitality industries, however areas like Greater Manchester, Birmingham, the Midlands and then large parts of the North East and North West have now be placed into the High category. This would mean then they are no longer able to mix with other households inside, however you can as long as it’s outside and in a group of 6 maximum. What’s more telling with this tier 6 lockdown is that business now will not be legally mandated to close.

However, there has been one region in which has been placed into the Very High category which has been the Merseyside area which is now going back into full lockdown to attempt to stop the spread of the virus. This means that there is no mixing at all between households in the Liverpool region with many hotspots such as pubs, casinos and gyms will be forced to close.

However, this is seriously going to have an effect on these areas of business with many already struggle to see the end of 2020 afloat. Pubs and the hospitality business were struggling already with the 10pm curfew and many industry experts explained that the increasing spread of the virus wasn’t down to the hospitality industry and more due to schools and universities as when they went back, the increased levels was in correlation.

The main industry that we are seeing struggling is the club’s industry which are one of the only business that hasn’t open at all since being forced to shut back in March. This isn’t just affecting the clubs themselves, but also acts, singers, dancers, DJs, musicians, bouncers, security and many more and many have come out and said that they are now having to look for alternative careers.

And finally, one industry that has been affect both positivity and negatively is that of casinos. High-street casinos, like clubs, have been one that have been shut for the majority of 2020 and we are seeing more and more close permanently due to the virus. However, online casinos, there are still US Casinos accepting UK Players, have benefitted as many in the height of the lockdown have been looking for new forms of entertainment and due to the 24/7 access they offer, they have certainly been popular.

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