How the Online Ordering Industry has Exploded

How the Online Ordering Industry has Exploded

The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a shocking blow to many restaurants. Since all of their profits came from customers who dined in or from customers who came in and purchased take-out, they saw their business grind to a halt.

Delivery apps were always there, but many business owners felt that the cost of using one of these apps or designing one of these apps was more than what they could afford. However, after shelter in place orders were given, businesses realized that their survival depended on their ability to quickly deliver food to customers.

Food Delivery is a New and Growing Business

Due to the impact of the pandemic, food delivery has become a business in itself. Some restaurants have opted to create their own apps and institute their own delivery service. However, many more have found it to be more cost-effective to use pre-existing online platforms.

The growth of digital technology has changed the food delivery process. In times past, food delivery required the customer to interact with the restaurant they were ordering from. Now, food delivery companies are acting as intermediaries. They are the ones who are funneling the orders to the restaurants, picking up the orders, and then delivering them. The ordering process is transparent. It is easy for customers to track the order. If there is a problem with the order, the food delivery company serves as a mediator, guaranteeing that their problem is addressed.

Keeping Pace with Changing Customer Preference

E-commerce has become so commonplace that people are accustomed to getting whatever they want delivered to their home whenever they need it. If it is raining outside, there is no need to go to the restaurant. If customers are pressed for time, they can still consume the food they want in the easiest way possible. Recognizing this change in customer preference has forced restaurants to take action.

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Around the world, 37 percent of restaurants are offering online ordering services and about 32 percent accept mobile payments. This is a trend that is only expected to grow in the coming years.

The majority of people who order food online are customers between the ages of 21 and 36. The patterns for ordering online that they are setting now are those that their children will embrace as they get older.

The explosive growth of food delivery platforms makes it easier to deliver food and more convenient for the restaurants and the customers. In fact, it seems like the customer is being persuaded to opt for delivery instead of going into the restaurant to order food.

The Digital Age and Food Ordering

Millennials and generation Z have grown up in a world where ordering products online and waiting for delivery is the norm. They are dragging their baby boomer parents or grandparents into the online ordering fold.

There are more food ordering platforms today than ever before. Customers can order food wherever they like from a smart speaker, a phone, a text message, a tweet, a mobile device, a computer, and even a television screen. Foodpanda for example has emerged as a leader across Asian countries. You can even find Foodpanda coupon codes across the internet on coupon aggregator sites.


This continued growth of online food ordering means that delivery services will improve. Businesses are facing increased competition, so they need to be creative in the food they offer their customers and the ordering options. Unquestionably, the food delivery industry is going to be one to watch in years to come.

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